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the theory and practice of navigation through air or space

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114) In 1974, Congress established a revised procedure for imposition of the death penalty in certain air piracy cases.
The time has come for us to take decisive action to smash air piracy once and for all," said General Benjamin O.
A Florida court convicted a Cuban hijacker of air piracy in the March diversion of a passenger plane to Key West.
A Cuban accused of using fake hand grenades to hijack a Cuban government passenger plane pleaded not guilty to air piracy charges in a US court.
The topic was the arming of airline pilots as a defense against air piracy and terrorism.
Tanaka also told the court that he has no intention to contest the basic facts surrounding the 1970 hijacking, the first air piracy in Japan.
It was the first air piracy in Japan's aviation history.
They all face the prospect of being tried a second time for air piracy and lengthy jail sentences in China, Local press reports said that Yang was upset over the repatriation of his 11-year-old son Yang Yang together with the child of another ex-hijacker on Saturday.
The two were charged with air piracy and illegal entry in December and are awaiting trial.
An Air China pilot who hijacked his own aircraft with 96 people aboard from China to Taiwan in October was charged with air piracy and illegal entry Tuesday, Taiwan's semiofficial Central News Agency reported.
Judge Martha Quezada sent former assistant director of Civil Aeronautics, Alvaro Miranda, and his boss at the time, Mario Rivas Montealegre, to prison for crimes including drug trafficking, the falsification of documents and air piracy.
officials, including an FBI agent, is being sent to the site because the ``hijacking appears to be air piracy, and that is a crime under U.
All seven were charged with air piracy and remanded in custody by magistrates at Harlow, Essex.
Now why are you committing acts of air piracy against my peace-loving country?