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Most physicians and scientists have believed that inflammation alone causes air passages to gradually narrow in asthmatics.
Tar, which kills the cells in air passage and stays in the lungs.
The notification stated that special allowances will be given to the flight attendants for transportation as married officials will get a one-month allowance and unmarried personnel will be provided 15 days allowance besides provision of free air passage including their families (if married).
It is these medical experts who will give the sufferer a good Laboratory work up as well as examinations of the mouth, throat and the air passage ways in order to confirm the cause of the bad breath as well as the proper treatment.
The single air passage has been used for the two countries' planes to fly in and out of Korea and towards the Middle East and Europe.
Later, fleetline series buses and Metro buses never boasted air conditioning, although their entrance door seals were often of poor quality so air passage into the bus saloon was inevitable.
In future, Tianjin Airlines will be devoted to constructing Tianjin as the second air passage after Beijing.
Cases were divided according to the location of foreign body into FB in air passage and FB in food passage.
Leave entitlement and air passage are issues to be agreed between the employer and the employee prior to commencement of their relationship.
Asthma is an inflammation of the air passage that narrows the airway which carries air from the mouth and nose to the lungs.
Racepinephrine is an alpha- and beta-receptor stimulant that works by widening the air passage and making it easier to breathe.
A typical pipe stem had an air passage running down its centre, created by burning out the pith.
This technologically sound surface uses static air technology, the ideal medium for supporting soft tissue, while air passage vents permit circulation and heat and moisture dissipation.