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An Asian woman, who gulped down a boiled egg, died after it got stuck in her throat and blocked her air passage, a police source said.
I reconstructed her air passage using cartilage from her rib cage and put in a stent for two weeks which was taken out a couple of days earlier," Dr Kusuma said.
Viewers observing the stem's straight sides would assume a straight air passage and wonder how there could be piercings without destroying the air passage.
When awake, muscles keep even the most constricted part of our air passage open enough for air to quietly scoot down.
But tests revealed that Karin had earth in her air passage when she died - proof that she was breathing when Gruenewald piled the dirt on top of her.
Devices that pump air into a small mask fitted over the nose during sleep can keep air flowing into the throat and prevent the air passage from collapsing, he says.
It's a machine with a mask that attaches over the face and keeps the air passage open by forcing air through the nose and mouth throughout the night.
In addition to the video, an instructional guide and reproducible handout list the tools needed to create the whistle's basic form, cut an air hole, create an air passage, and complete the whistle in a creative, whimsical manner.
Prosecutors allege that Sakanaka visited her daughter at Tenri City Hospital and gave her tea laced with salbutamol sulfate -- an asthma drug that expands the bronchial air passage -- on six occasions from March to June in an attempt to kill her.
However the match, postponed because NATO could not guarantee the Bosnian team safe air passage out of Sarajevo on Friday because of the bombing raids on nearby Yugoslavia, will remain at Ibox.
When your body says enough is enough to the gross buildup, you inhale one deep breath, and your epiglottis (e-pih-GLUH-tis), the flap at the back of the throat that keeps food from going down the windpipe, shuts close to seal off air passage.
Add to that base the skills of gathering more information, plus certain physical skills, such as finding a vein with a hypodermic, or intubating an air passage, along with the mental skills of coming rapidly to a logical judgment based on that information--and you have a basic medical education.
The muscles become swollen, and your air passage narrows.
The lungs, as illustrated on the opposite page, are made up of branching tubes, beginning with the windpipe (trachea) and sequences of branching where each air passage branches into two, two into four, four into eight, etc.
Tenders are invited for Modification and temporary alteration in existing low capacity fan house structure for desired air passage near incline no.