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close thing

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an accidental collision that is narrowly avoided

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The incident was classified as an "air miss" and will be recorded in the Mandatory Occurrence Reports (MORs) because the legal minimum distance between two aircraft is five miles.
An air miss report published by the Civil Aviation Authority yesterday, described the incident as "very serious" and said it was pure chance there was a gap between the two planes.
And an air miss report out yesterday said it was pure chance there was a gap between the two planes flying near Aberdeen.
In one air miss, two manned balloons from Dusseldorf violated air space 6,000 feet over Heathrow.
"Some Eastbound flights are coming in with westbound flight levels while some Westbound flights have Eastbound levels increasing chances of serious air misses."
The Martian (12) - Open Air Missed the Matt Damon classic first time around?
EVEN as Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA) is gearing for US Federal Aviation Administration ( USFAA) team for lifting safety downgrade on the Indian civil aviation sector, nine air misses involving India's commercial airlines have already taken place this year.
Malaysian Air missed its target to be profitable last year as rising prices for fuel, maintenance and financing wiped out revenue gains.