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a mattress that can be stored flat and inflated for use

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California Software Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CAWC, CAWCE), a leader in IBM Midrange migration products and developer of the award-winning BABY product line, today announced that it has successfully completed contract negotiations with Spring Air Mattress.
Each participant's sleep was monitored on four different mattress surfaces: the Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress(TM) (viscoelastic), an air mattress and a pillow top spring mattress.
99), which has a nylon shell with a soft flannel liner and reinforced zipper closures to keep the air mattress securely in the camp bag.
The finished product is a heavy-duty air mattress in sizes from 18 inches by 24 inches to 72 inches by 108 inches.
Today Carla spends her days on an air mattress in a hospital bed set up in the living room of the city apartment she and Jerry occupy.
Parks, they believe, are intended to be places where the public can stay in a hotel room with clean towels if they wish and not be forced to sleep on an air mattress or eat freeze-dried chili macaroni.
For that, they credit a coach who spent the last year living two time zones away from his family and sleeping on an air mattress.
The rangeomorphs had a repeatedly branching system like fern leaves and the erniettomorphs had a folded surface like an inflated air mattress to make tubular modules.
TheraPedic's new Air Touch line also targets the high-tech, high-in, come consumer, with air mattress beds that include six adjustment chambers.
Hall, 48, rises before the sun most days and returns - sometimes 18 hours later - to sleep on an air mattress wedged in Brining's district office cubicle.
The nursing staff immediately initiated a plan of care to prevent the development of a pressure ulcer, which included placement of an air mattress on her bed and a cushion in her wheelchair.
The resultant air mattress measures 61" x 26" x 8", including the comfortable pillow/headrest.
The joint owner of the 35-bed home, Rosemary Parker, said in August 1999 Mrs Dean had been given a new air mattress to help avoid bed sores, but she had rolled off it and onto the floor.
Adolf Seilacher of Tubingen University in Germany proposed in 1983 that the fossils represent massive unicellular organisms whose bodies were fluid-filled compartments arranged like the cells of an air mattress (SN: 7/8/95, p.
Consisting of a foam pad covered in coated nylon, they combine the best qualities of an air mattress and open-cell foam.