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a mattress that can be stored flat and inflated for use

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Q.1 What are some of the most promising, high-growth opportunities for the floor type (Aluminum, Fiberglass, Air mattress, and Others) and by region (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World)?
I blew up an air mattress and slept in the back of my new store.
"Because he was uncomfortable, we requested for a bed with a special air mattress. One came but it took three attempts to get a bed to inflate," Adam said.
The "Hill Rom TotalCare Sport 2" is one of the most popular beds requested by patients with special needs and critical care since it not only has an air mattress which helps turn the patient (lateral rotation), low air loss to prevent over heating and sweating but also sits in a full "chair position" which allows the patient to transition from the bed to a wheelchair or transport device much easier.
The multiple and reflective ThermaCapture layers give the XTherm air mattress superb warmth without weight or bulk.
"The air mattress is a help but I should have been given one a lot sooner," he said.
The joint owner of the 35-bed home, Rosemary Parker, said in August 1999 Mrs Dean had been given a new air mattress to help avoid bed sores, but she had rolled off it and onto the floor.
On Wednesday, the ( Tommie posted a video of herself getting onto an air mattress while people in the background held up another mattress making it look like a tanning bed.
There is even three sports inflater tips, which also fit into the case, to inflate balls or even an air mattress.
-- An appeals court has deflated a Michigan prisoner's air mattress. The court on Thursday overturned a 2013 order by a judge who told the state Corrections Department to let Richard Boone II use an air mattress to relieve pain.
LONG HAIR: Currently living on a couch but saving up for a bomb-ass air mattress
A 78-YEAR-OLD woman who was at high risk of developing pressure sores because of her immobility did not have a specialist air mattress when her daughter visited her at a Halifax care home, a court heard.
It offers air mattress replacement, foam mattress replacement, hybrid mattress replacement, seating, therapy, alternating pressure, static/float/immersion, lateral rotation, micro vent low air loss, and air loss systems.
It doesn't address people who are most at risk - those who are floating down a river on a flimsy air mattress or single-cell inner tube.
And not only that - they will also get you kitted out with a special festival survival pack to see you through, including a tent, air mattress, sleeping bag and torch.