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a mattress that can be stored flat and inflated for use

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The multiple and reflective ThermaCapture layers give the XTherm air mattress superb warmth without weight or bulk.
The air mattress is a help but I should have been given one a lot sooner," he said.
His wife Rosemary told an inquest in Ruthin that an MRI scan was asked for on the 19th but a specialist air mattress to enable it go ahead could not be found.
Therapedic introduced the Agility Air mattress at the most recent Las Vegas Market, a cosmetically revamped version of Agility which was introduced a year ago.
The arc of this book is structured around the phases of the moon, beginning with the author lying in her front yard on an air mattress, watching as the sun sets and the stars come out.
It's the dream of an air mattress to become a great work of art
A 78-YEAR-OLD woman who was at high risk of developing pressure sores because of her immobility did not have a specialist air mattress when her daughter visited her at a Halifax care home, a court heard.
I was at a very low point in my career, broke, negative cash, newly married, sleeping on an air mattress in a bare apartment in New Jersey, and I was offered a spec remix on a Jennifer Lopez song" he recalls.
After cooling, the structure is removed and assembled to form the air mattress.
On Thursday morning, Major Nidal Malik Hasan gave his neighbour Patricia Villa some items, including an air mattress, a steamer and men's clothing for her husband, some still in dry cleaning bags marked "Hasan.
Among those likely camping out is Jim Tankersley, a Tribune reporter who lives in Virginia but has air mattress space picked out.
A special air mattress costing pounds 3,350 was donated to Oswestry Spinal Injuries Unit.
I'm going to stay here until I'm certain it [the sale] won't happen," said Hermann Geller, a 66-year-old retiree, as he prepared to bed down on an air mattress for the 58th day of his vigil.
MAINLY designed for camping as the inf latable PVC air mattress has an integrated pillow and comes with a storage bag.