air mass

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a large body of air with uniform characteristics horizontally

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His itinerary will also include an address atWestminster Hall in the Houses of Parliament and the beatification of the 19th century Roman Catholic convert Cardinal John Henry Newman at an open air Mass at Coventry Airport.
In order to find the minimum system capacity at a given operating condition, i, the air mass flow rates, temperatures, and humidity ratios for all zones must be optimized simultaneously such that [Q.
The air mass is currently over Hokkaido and is expected to move over western Japan later, the agency said.
Wide areas of the Japanese archipelago experienced the coldest temperatures so far this season Wednesday morning, as a cold air mass swept the islands, the Meteorological Agency said.
This approach uses data from air mass balancers, real-time air contaminant profiles, area samples and tracer gas simulations of contaminant dispersion to form a composite picture of ventilation conditions.
Snowfalls started to ebb Thursday morning as the strong cold air mass that brought heavy snow to many parts of Japan, particularly areas facing the Sea of Japan, weakened, the Meteorological Agency said.
When the jet stream attains a proper orientation, it is this air mass that migrates south and kills orange trees in Florida.
But after receiving the stitches, the pontiff arrived on time for an open- air mass for 350,000 in the city of Sandomierz, with a bandage visible just below his skullcap.
To make it anything less by calling an ordinary air mass thunderstorm anything other than an ordinary air mass thunderstorm, which should not have been penetrated at any altitude, is an unconscionable dereliction of duty.
The last column in this table, [DELTA] Air Mass, is the air mass of 62 [xi] -Cyg subtracted from the air mass of NGC 7027.
Damascus, SANA- The temperatures will continue todrop to become from 4 to 7 degrees below average as the country is being affected by a lowair pressure accompanied by a cold and wet air mass in all the layers of the atmosphere.
Amman, July 4 (Petra) aAC" The kingdom will be affected by a moderate air mass in the next few days, therefore weather conditions will be moderate in most parts of the Kingdom, though hot in the Jordan valley and the Gulf of Aqaba.
Waste air mass from the drying chamber and the condensation chamber contains volatile organic compounds.
In our skies the air mass feeding this cloud pattern may extend upward by another 5000 feet.
RAMALLAH, November 10, 2012 (WAFA) -- Weather on Saturday is partially cloudy and cold due to the cold air mass affecting the country, accompanied with scattered rain showers and thunderstorms, according to the Palestine Weather Service.