air mass

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a large body of air with uniform characteristics horizontally

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There are six main types of air mass in total that each control temperatures and the level of humidity in the UK.
Intensification of westward-tilted waves results in a near-simultaneous increase in both the poleward mass transport into the polar region aloft and the equatorward discharge of the cold polar air mass in the lower troposphere, responsible for CAOs in the midlatitudes.
Forecaster Brian Gaze, of The Weather Outlook website, said: "This is an exceptionally warm air mass already for the time of year, and when high pressure moves east later in the week, even warmer air could be pumped up from the south.
It takes a combination of a cold air mass plus a moist air mass moving in at the same time to generate snow for Eugene and Springfield, and to what degree that will happen remains to be seen, the weather service said.
The pontiff and the Queen will meet on September 16 at Holyrood House in Edinburgh before he travels to Glasgow for an open air mass at Bellahouston Park.
The Pope is to start his four-day trip in Scotland where he will be received by the Queen at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh before travelling to Glasgow for an open air Mass.
Pope Benedict XVI is to start his four-day trip in Scotland on September 16 where he will be received by the Queen at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh before travelling to Glasgow for an open air Mass at Bellahouston Park.
In the 1980s, the hot wire air-mass meter was developed to measure air mass using thermal measurement principles and was used in Formula 1 racing.
Many studies have demonstrated they are mainly caused by dynamical process by transport of poorozone air mass from the tropics to higher latitudes by planetary wave activity or, connected with strong adiabatic uplifting of the tropopause height.
E is the energy transfer due to an air mass flow into or out of the zone (excluding mass flows due to infiltration).
A winter storm that was set to bear down on the Antelope Valley late Thursday and into this morning will be followed by an extreme cold air mass from the Sierra expected to bring potentially record-breaking temperatures this weekend, the National Weather Service said.
Navigator Kevin Gamier had a hunch the high-pressure system would linger and, given the sailing properties of the J boat, the team had a better chance looping down around the heavy air mass and picking up the wind flowing out of it.
Heavy snow is likely to hit the Sea of Japan coast from northern Japan to the Chugoku region Monday due to a strong cold air mass over the Japanese archipelago, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.