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mail that is sent by air transport

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Douglas MacArthur, Chief of Staff of the Army, publicly supported his subordinate and told the press, "We will start flying air mail .
During the formative days of the New Deal, however, a charge was forthcoming in a forty-nine page brief, issued on February 6, 1934, by Post Office Solicitor Karl Crowley stating that the mail routes awarded in 1930 were fraudulent and the so called "Spoils Conferences" of that year was a secret conspiracy to divide the air mail routes among the major airlines without competitive bidding.
Twenty-five years ago the air mail was unheard of and the quickest method sending a letter abroad was by steamer.
Air Mail was sold afterwards for 6,000gns to Noel Wilson, who has enjoyed a happier time in 2004.
It wasn't wrapped up but it had postage stamps on it on it, as well as a blue air mail sticker.
A 34-year-old Canadian man in Nagasaki Prefecture was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of smuggling about 4 grams of hemp into Japan by air mail from the Netherlands earlier this month, police said.
The cash box is grey and covered in air mail stickers.
The traffic tickets, posted by air mail from Melbourne, arrived last week at Ms Waight's home in Weoley Castle.
And he's just got a letter by Air Mail to tell him it landed 11,300 miles away in New Zealand.
Haigood's charming Dance in a Bed, based on Remy Charlip's Air Mail Dance, was a dreamy solo that had worked better a few months earlier at Haigood's studio, where a suspended bed was affixed to the wall rather than floating.
The data ultimately is used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to verify whether an airline is adhering to USPS' strict on-time performance standards stipulated in its air mail contracts.
Contract notice: 20109 Air mail transport for Islandspostur ohf from KEF airport o CPH airport in Denmark.
Royal Mail staff in Edinburgh called 999 when two devices were found in air mail bound for the city's airport.
Early air transport lore likes to recount the heroic running of the mail routes in the interwar years and how mismanagement of air mail subsidies forced the government to step in and cancel existing contracts while airlines consolidated.
This is nothing to compare with the difficulty in getting the blue air mail stickers 'POST AWYR' in Welsh, and the green Customs declaration 'TOLLAU'.