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mail that is sent by air transport

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Tata Air Mail did the Karachi-Bombay-Madras run every Monday and made a profit of Rs60,000, carrying a total of 10 tons of mail, as well as 155 passengers.
Amazingly, the air mail sorting area at Larnaca airport does have closed-circuit TV, though it was obviously not enough to prevent the unauthorised removal of mail sacks from the area into an employee's private vehicle over a prolonged period of 18 months.
This is the first time the jackpot has been won on Air Mail.
I sent an air mail parcel to the US on December 20 and until this day, the parcel has not been received.
I remember that I sent a registered letter, via air mail, along with the pertinent documents, to the acting CEO of PhilHealth, a lady, in Makati.
Neil is pictured with the paper as it's about to go by air mail over Niagara Falls while Jayne is pictured before it went on a boat ride to the bottom of the falls.
The Express Parcel is an air mail service providing guaranteed time bound delivery of parcels, while the Business Parcel will provide fast, secure and cost efficient transmission of parcels through surface.
Harold Pitcairn started the airline as the first carrier air mail route from New York to Atlanta under the name Pitcairn Aviation, and Clement Keys of National Air Transport purchased the company in 1929, changed the name to Eastern Air Transport, and started a passenger service the following year with daily round trips between New York and Richmond.
I was late sending a card to my granddaughter in Hong Kong and asked for it to go express air mail. The lady at the counter informed me it would cost PS60.
In terms of air mail traffic at Muscat International Airport, aviation statistics indicate an increase in the total unloaded and loaded mail by (43%), with total shipment (161 ton) compared to (113 ton) in the same period in 2012.
The beautifully realised fantasy world is one of the stand-out highlights of Air Mail - simply stunning.
He had hoped that within a comparatively short period there would be such an extension of the Imperial Air Mail as would enable letters to be sent to different parts of the Empire at the same charge as that for inland letters.
The 17 primary landing fields had Air Mail Radio Stations (AMRS), where operators--even called "specialists" back then--made local weather observations and relayed weather to other operators.
Proof of this is evinced in the increase of the use of air mail. Air mail is taken as a matter of course these days.
Edward Davey, the postal affairs minister, said the deal - covering the sale of stamps, parcels, air mail, recorded and special deliveries at post offices - would prevent further closures, maintaining a network of at least 11,500 branches.