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a chamber that provides access to space where air is under pressure


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Mac Locks is setting up worldwide resellers and distribution channels for the MacBook Air Lock.
It has been suggested nurses unhappy with using the air lock technique could use the Z-tracking technique instead.
Once properly dressed and masked with protective respirators, the employees pass through an air lock to a second room before passing through another air lock to the work area.
The gadgets included ground-penetrating radar, special drills, miniature remote-controlled cameras and an air lock to keep outside air from contaminating the pit (in case the pit had been hermetically sealed.
For the first time since she was raised from the Solent in 1982 visitors will also be able to share the same space as the Mary Rose, entering the upper deck through an air lock, allowing visitors to experience the full splendour and magnitude of the Mary Rose.
Too much froth, and the pump can air lock, stopping production.
An existing air lock helps to prevent all particles from entering the system from outside.
However, the back end of the screw does need a gas-tight seal, and the throat will require an air lock (still to be developed) able to withstand up to 725-psi pressure differential.
Anyone with an air lock in their water system should turn on their kitchen cold water tap and open and close the stopcock to clear it.
Centrally placed in the rear is an integrated air lock drawer into which the pilot or co-pilot outside the vehicle can place samples for clinical analysis by the scientist left inside the cabin.
Everyone who had contact with him had to be decontaminated first before passing through an air lock, and cuddly toys that might harbour germs were banned.
Thus, to make wine we introduce into a solution containing some sugar one of a number of strains of yeast that will only work in an anaerobic environment and then seal the container with some form of air lock that will prevent air from entering the container while simultaeously allowing the carbon dioxide that is produced as a by-product of the process, to escape.
Rooms are available with: double-wall cavities for services and air plenums; ceiling grids with non-shedding tiles; roof deck; doors and windows with sloped sills; air lock entry and/or air showers, and lighting packages.
A problem with the air lock system had prevented the doors from working properly.