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a designated route followed by airplanes in flying from one airport to another

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It changed course at least twice from its scheduled route - first to fly west back towards Malaysia and then north west into one of two air lanes used by commercial planes.
A core element of this is the "detect and avoid" system: even in heavily controlled air lanes, the on-board pilot is responsible for "not running into something", as Dopping-Hepenstal puts it.
On Monday night, UK airspace was widely expected to open yesterday morning until a late update at 10pm showed worsening eruptions from the Icelandic volcano Eyiafjallajokull, which again shut down the air lanes.
It is with that coloration that you always want to say, "Are we really looking in too close?" And the answer is "No, you have to do it all." And one of the things that occurred during the concept of the Quadrennial Defense Review is the realization that nobody relieved us of strategic dominance, nobody relieved us of air dominance or sea dominance when it comes to securing the sea lanes or securing the air lanes. We have actually just opened up a different spectrum of warfare, which we now have to master.
Looking yet further down the air lanes, far more drastic and complicated transformations--for instance, wings that can telescope, curl, or fold--may be on the way, yielding extraordinarily versatile airplanes and missiles that change their shapes according to the missions they are expected to perform.
The new Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM)doubled the number of aircraft able to fly in the busy cruising air lanes between 29,000 and 41,000 feet.
It is obvious to anyone who knows about ATC and air lanes that Glasgow is the only option.
Less than two weeks later, as NATO members, we provided free air lanes for military planes to Yugoslavia, and now we must identify ourselves with a war against a neighboring country.
Future plans for this GPS system include integrating it with an Inertial Navigation System, currently used in air lanes, thus allowing the GPS to operate in areas with obstructions, such as trees and tall buildings, that interfere with the GPS signals.
United, American, Delta, Northwest Orient and Japan Air lanes all operate non-stop service to the Far East directly from the Mainland in addition to their flights to and via the Islands.
International air lanes had remained open, though only above 32,000 feet.
As company bosses pile into private jets and start clogging up the air lanes, they shouldn't worry too much.