air jacket

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an inflatable life jacket

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In 2013 Power Support introduced Air Jackets and screen protection films for Motorola's devices.
Paramedics said the air jacket I was wearing (which inflates much like a car air bag) probably saved my life," Wiltshire-based Collett said.
The gun uses a low-pressure system called SprayControl Technology, in which an air jacket accurately focuses the paint mist when spraying so that up to 15 per cent less paint is used.
Includes a pressure regulator, flow meter, pressure gauge, inner oven walls sealing directly against a 1/2" thick silicone rubber door seal, air jacket on the inner oven, blower shaft seal, positive latching door hardware, adjustable offset door hinges, outlet with pressure relief, and interior seams welded gas-tight.
Special construction features for inert atmosphere use with the customer's steam boiler include a pressure gauge, internal high-temperature gasket, all-welded expansion connection in doorway throat, air jacket on the inner oven for cooling, 1/2"-thick cellular silicone rubber atmosphere door seal, blower shaft seal, positive door latching hardware, and adjustable offset door hinges.
The theory was, again, that the return air would travel back across the floor to the portion of the grate that covered the hot air jacket, and settle down through the outer jacket to the base of the furnace.
This sterilizer will feature ETC's unique Air Jacket Heating (AJH) system.
These sterilizers will feature ETC's unique Air Jacket Heating/Cooling (AJHC) system.