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a woman steward on an airplane

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People who are buying tickets to a Beach Boyz show aren't buying to see British Caledonian air hostesses.
At the same time, we are greeted by our air hostesses, who are dressed very much in the style of the 1940s: blue uniforms with caps, white gloves, pearls and nylon stockings complete with seams.
The man claimed that he was joking when he told the two air hostesses that he had explosives with him.
In yet another shocking incident on a domestic flight mid- air, five passengers aged between 24- 26 years allegedly molested four IndiGo air hostesses on Saturday evening.
TWO air hostesses were put in charge of a passenger plane while the captain and co-pilot had a sleep in Business Class, it was claimed yesterday.
The air hostesses decided on their naked protest because the firm, who flew to South America, hadn't paid them for up to eight months.
I CAN'T believe somebody in this world, living in a country like Bahrain, could be ignorant enough to think that air hostesses are mere displays or trolley dollies ('Axe air hostesses' by Roy, GDN, August 9).
The cancellation of further layoffs would reportedly concern some 1,500 air hostesses and stewards but savings programmes for other personnel groups would still continue, reported the Finnish online news service NewsRoom Finland.
A US airline has been successfully sued by air hostesses who were sacked for putting on weight.
Would-be pilots, air hostesses and ground staff waited for up to three hours to get into a jobs fair run by British Airways in London.
The trip is aboard a chartered DC-3 aircraft over Prince William Sound and the Columbia Glacier, with original 1940s magazines, air hostesses in period uniforms and big-band music playing on board.
He was uncontrollable and was assaulting and saying bad words to one of the air hostesses.
TANTRUM-throwing air hostesses and a shortage of staff due to costcutting by airlines have emerged as a major factor for the delay in flights by domestic airlines such as Air India and Jet Airways.
Jones told the TUC conference she was angry many shop workers or air hostesses are made to wear them by bosses.
I really feel airlines could save a lot of money by eliminating air hostesses and the so-called, lunch, dinner or snacks.