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a woman steward on an airplane

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However, to provide the best service, the IRCTC is paying Rs 25,000 per month to these air hostesses and flight stewards for better services.
"The babies were given to air hostesses and put on planes PETER MULRYAN ON THE TUAM BABIES SCANDAL
The GM Flight Services requested that the air hostesses should be banned from boarding any flight to cities in Europe and Canada for they might slip away.
Referring to the air hostesses as 'daughters', the chief justice had remarked that 'sometimes you cannot say no to daughters.'
People who are buying tickets to a Beach Boyz show aren't buying to see British Caledonian air hostesses."
The yellowing copy she still has advises: "Air hostesses should try to avoid getting into long conversations but ensure passengers are comfortable and attended to.
Thailand's Nok Air is planning to launch a new marketing strategy which will promote ten new air hostesses as television stars.
Archive horrors like this and anecdotes from air hostesses past and present (including Richard Branson's mum, Eve) fuel the opening programme, with topics to come including women on TV, beauty queens, housewives and women who are 'married to the job' - i.e.
Lucie and her best friend Louise Phillips, also 21, had been living in Tokyo for six weeks after quitting their jobs as air hostesses to travel around Australia and the Far East.
AIR hostesses are to keep their perks when switched to ground jobs during pregnancy.
ISLAMABAD: Advocate Naeem Bukhari on Tuesday voiced his concern over a recent photograph of the Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar with a few air hostesses,currently going viral on the social media.Bukhari, a member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the party's representative in the Panamapapers case, expressed his reservations during the hearing of various cases by a three-judge bench led by the CJP.
The Lahore bound flight from Karachi enthralled passengers as they settled in and saw the air hostesses carrying flower baskets and greeting them with garlands.
A picture of one of one of PIA's air hostesses went viral on Twitter earlier this week with people mocking the airline and its staff for how it 'welcomed passengers.'
Police officials rushed to the site and two Arab air hostesses, S.H and S.A, who work for the airline, told the police that there was a bomb threat while they were in the air.
According to the Dawn, responding to the allegations, PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar said that the air hostesses alleging harassment were "venting grievances" after having been declared "unfit" by a suitability committee.