air hose

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a hose that carries air under pressure


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Don't throw CAUTION to the wind when it's time to hook up a trailer's brake air hoses to your 2 1/2- or 5-ton truck.
Description: The recalled black rubber high pressure air hose is used with submersible pressure gauges and dive computers.
Cablofil will contain all the new production facility's power and data cabling, in addition to the compressed air hoses.
A ABS-CBN News report revealed that Mark Jayson Culano died after suspect, Lucidro Dimacahilig, a rice mill operator in Gapan City, inserted an air hose into his anus last February.
Steven McCormack, 48, was standing on his lorry's footplate on Saturday when he slipped and fell, breaking a compressed air hose off an air reservoir that powered the brakes.
Static-conductive compressed air hose with metal quick-disconnect fittings
Operating from a 24V DC supply and supplied ready to use with a power adapter, air hose, sample tips, barrel, syringe adapter and syringe stand, the dispensers feature a timer range of 0.
I heard a gravel sound - it sounded like an air hose broke,'' said Bill Wagter, 51, of Simi Valley.
You're never that busy that you can't take an air hose and blow off the radiator," he says.
Made of cast aluminum, it has an extra flange for protection of the two-plate mounting bolts associated with the air hose connection.
Shamrock previously blew this debris out with an air hose, adding more dust to the environment.
Some of the new tools, rail systems and the air hose supply supports have been incorporated into the various finishing lines," Kilo said.
For maximum air flow, it is best to use a direct connection from the main air line to the air hose, and from the air hose to the DA tool.
It's one year to the New Hampshire primary, and already the blow-dried consultants are scuttling around the Granite State like hyperactive pit crews in search of an errant air hose.
The kit includes everything required to perform an emergency repair - an air hose with quick-clip, puncture sealant and optional power cord configurations to ensure connection to any 12-volt DC source - motorcycle, ATV or other vehicle - all in a small, shock-proof and water-proof zippered pouch.