air hose

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a hose that carries air under pressure


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Don't throw CAUTION to the wind when it's time to hook up a trailer's brake air hoses to your 2 1/2- or 5-ton truck.
Cablofil will contain all the new production facility's power and data cabling, in addition to the compressed air hoses.
A ABS-CBN News report revealed that Mark Jayson Culano died after suspect, Lucidro Dimacahilig, a rice mill operator in Gapan City, inserted an air hose into his anus last February.
As the air hose is retrieved through a bore slot, the CrossChek system's centering guide maintains the slot's integrity and sheds loose debris.
A New Zealand lorry driver said he blew up like a balloon when he fell on to the fitting of a compressed air hose that forced air into his body at 100lbs per square inch.
The three-model system includes the vacuum cover, drum, dolly, vacuum hose and cleaning tools, compressed air hose with quick-disconnect fittings and polybag drum liners.
The Solution is shipped complete with a 3/8" ID x 35' spray air hose.
Operating from a 24V DC supply and supplied ready to use with a power adapter, air hose, sample tips, barrel, syringe adapter and syringe stand, the dispensers feature a timer range of 0.
24 ft Air Hose with 21 pc accessory kit including: male and female couplers, quick-couplers and connectors, air gun, tyre pressure gauge, various nozzles, adapters, wrenches and plumbers tape
I heard a gravel sound - it sounded like an air hose broke,'' said Bill Wagter, 51, of Simi Valley.
You're never that busy that you can't take an air hose and blow off the radiator," he says.
Made of cast aluminum, it has an extra flange for protection of the two-plate mounting bolts associated with the air hose connection.
Shamrock previously blew this debris out with an air hose, adding more dust to the environment.
Some of the new tools, rail systems and the air hose supply supports have been incorporated into the various finishing lines," Kilo said.
The worker inserts an air hose into the one-way valve, located on the cushion's side, to inflate it with compressed air up to 8 bar.