air hose

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a hose that carries air under pressure


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But what a hassle it is to unfurl (and trip over) and stow an air hose all the time.
The air hose elbow is no longer made by the manufacturer, Deutz, and it's not in the Army's supply system.
If you haven't noticed already, the 6-ft air hose, NSN 4910-21-920-4694, that comes in your Stryker's BII doesn't reach very far.
So if you have a little more time and an air hose is available, go this route.
Tenders are invited for Air Hose Assly With Air Hose Coupling Type-F,Style-1 To Drg.
Then make sure the air hose is connected to the VAL port and the water hose is connected to the NOZ port.
It sure beats hauling around a heavy air compressor, an air hose and an extension cord.
Tenders are invited for Air Hose Asembly For 1 Inch With Air Hose Coupling Type - L And Gasket.
The easiest way to clear the spout hole is to blow out any dirt with an air hose.
You can hook it up to a compressor, bike pump or gas station air hose and blow away.
We've found the easiest; way to clean the fans is to take them out of the DLTM, LMRD of LEM and blow them off with an air hose.
Using an air hose is the easiest way to clean them.
Tenders are invited for Air Hose Assly Type-H Style 1 With Air Hose Coupling To Drg/Spec No.
But don't use the air hose unless you have an air gun, NSN 4940-00-333-5541, to attach to it.