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a pneumatic horn

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air intake of a carburetor

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The rider is believed to have used a Fire Chief air horn, which manufacturers say can reach up to 120 decibels -- roughly similar to the noise of a jet taking off.
A missing Ohio family has been found alive in the Florida Everglades after rescuers heard air horns and whistling emanating from their stranded airboat.
One provider says air horns are a relatively inexpensive way of providing a warning system in case of emergency.
Another Onteca project is Air Horn Piano, an iPad game where people can play air horns using an onscreen piano keyboard.
The plant's colorful, flared yellow flowers and their "massed, synchronous appearance" had appropriate associations with the raucous air horn's name, the South African National Biodiversity Institute said on its website.
Anna Robinson, five, from Acklam, complete with halo, fairy wings and air horn, set the ladies off.
If your scoreboard goes blank during a basketball game, you go running for the flip scorecards, whistle or air horn and stopwatch so that you can finish the game.
The air horn sounds a blast that can be heard over the roar of aircraft engines.
Billy told me he needed an air horn and I thought that sounded like a good idea, so we drove at least an hour out of the way to make sure he got one.
It is dual-fuel capable via an in-line LP mixer system from either Nolff's or Impco that is connected to the throttle body air horn. The ECU allows up to four discrete speeds to be selected, ramp-up and rampdown, or drive-by-wire, and it stores engine calibrations for a variety of fuels.
The M-6 is basically a hand-held lighthouse -- all you need is a fog bank and an air horn.
It sounds rather like an air horn. No one can sneak up to a house or barn when it is patrolled by geese.
Two vendors that have met these requirements are Pawnee Industries and Spin-Cast Plastics, which supply the surge tank and engine intake-manifold air horn, respectively.
The funnyman has been described as "a bus conductor standing in front of an orchestra with a spoon in one hand and air horn in the other - what could possibly go wrong?" Tickets go sale on Monday at 9am and will be available from Ticketmaster outlets nationwide.
The 41-year-old carried out extensive modifications to a Dutch town bike, fitting an "Airchime KH3A" triple air horn taken from an American locomotive.