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a pneumatic horn

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air intake of a carburetor

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A missing Ohio family has been found alive in the Florida Everglades after rescuers heard air horns and whistling emanating from their stranded airboat.
One provider says air horns are a relatively inexpensive way of providing a warning system in case of emergency.
It is also possible that during summer cleaning, someone might have moved the flip cards and air horn.
The air horn sounds a blast that can be heard over the roar of aircraft engines.
Billy told me he needed an air horn and I thought that sounded like a good idea, so we drove at least an hour out of the way to make sure he got one.
It is dual-fuel capable via an in-line LP mixer system from either Nolff's or Impco that is connected to the throttle body air horn.
The M-6 is basically a hand-held lighthouse -- all you need is a fog bank and an air horn.
Two vendors that have met these requirements are Pawnee Industries and Spin-Cast Plastics, which supply the surge tank and engine intake-manifold air horn, respectively.
CHICAGO -- With its diesel engine roaring and air horn blasting, the powerful red pickup truck thundered through the walls of International Truck and Engine Corporation's booth at its Chicago Auto Show press conference today.
Tenders are invited for Supply of GASKET RUBBER PAD FOR AIR HORN DLW PT NO-11270391 DRG NO.
The funnyman has been described as "a bus conductor standing in front of an orchestra with a spoon in one hand and air horn in the other - what could possibly go wrong?
The Hurricane Horn is also a great value and a unique product: No one else offers such a compact one-piece air horn.
Vana and Spitz had just made par putts on their final hole and Drohen tapped in for a bogey as the air horn sounded to call players off the course because a cell of thunderstorms that approached the area around 1:30.
19 incident in which he allegedly blew an air horn on his bicycle and cursed at an off-duty police officer.
Crossing arms were down, signals were blinking and the train's air horn was blowing when the man ran along Avenue J's northern sidewalk and onto the tracks about 10:50 a.