air gas

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a gas made of carbon monoxide and hydrogen and nitrogen


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According to Stella Group, the five-kilowatt (kW) Gencore unit is powered by hydrogen stored in gas cylinders, provided by Air Gas.
The devices have been cleared for use in instruments and equipment designed for medical and security applications including air gas monitors and smoke alarms.
The compressed air gas stream is passed over the proprietary catalyst where [CH.
The old windows contained essential air vents which must be installed in all properties with warm air gas heating systems to allow clean air into the property.
The deal would meet demands for industrial air gas products in the electronics, chemicals and manufacturing sectors.
Its new, cartridge-based, ZeroGen zero air generator removes the need for zero calibration gas cylinders when performing calibration checks on ambient air gas analyser systems.
With the medium velocity tempered air gas burners used in the furnace, the system reduces binder burn-out emissions to within acceptable limits, eliminating the need for further scrubbing or incineration of emissions.
Tenders are invited for 10 ea - valve, safety relief, 1/2" inlet, 3/4" outlet, set at 550 psi, asme section viii with d orifice for air gas service, stainless steel nozzle, bronze bonnet and body, ring & disk, metal seat, open lever.
The joint venture company, to be operated as Pengerang Gas Solution Sdn Bhd (PGS), will also be responsible for the development of a futuristic industrial air gas plant for the production of gaseous oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2) to meet the demands of the southern Malaysia-based Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Complex (RAPID) of PETRONAS.