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an officer in the airforce

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A case was registered against the convict on the complaint of the air force officer after Masood had threatened to share his wife's doctored photos on Facebook.
The shooting is about more than one air force officer.
BENGHAZI - A Libyan air force officer was killed Wednesday, and his wife and daughter seriously injured, when a bomb placed under his car exploded in the eastern city of Benghazi, officials said.
The US air force officer in charge of his branch's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response programme has been arrested for groping a woman.
The founders are Daniel Walsh, a former Welsh Guard who served in Northern Ireland and Bosnia for five years, and Karim Cosslett who spent 11 years as an Royal Air Force Officer, serving in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.
He was on scholarship through the AFROTC program Detachment 157 and was commissioned as an Air Force officer in December 2009.
ANBAR / Aswat al-Iraq: A high-ranking former Iraqi Air Force officer and his three brothers have been released after two-months detention in Baghdad, according to a statement he gave to Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Saturday.
As he refers to the Falklands war, from which 255 British service men and three civilians never came home (123 Army, 88 Royal Navy, eight members Royal Fleet Auxiliary, 27 Royal Marines, eight Merchant Navy sailors, one Royal Air Force officer.
A senior air force officer told Mail Today: "We should use the deal to get concessions on enrichment technology, and accessing dual use technologies that we are denied at the moment.
Summary: An Iraqi Air Force officer has become the first student from his country to graduate with RAF wings.
Thailand has freed a highranking Iranian Air Force officer whom the United States sought to extradite for attempting to illegally export U.
A secondhand report in Reuters quoted an unnamed air force officer saying the study's results justify further "testing" of the pills.
In a case focusing on a Greek air force officer transferred to Naples, where he bought a Mercedes E200, the court has found that under EU directive 83/183 on the freedom of movement of workers, such public servants are deemed to have relocated to another member state after living there six months.
The space agency ended her contract after she was charged with trying to kidnap air force officer Colleen Shipman.
The other is a US Air Force officer stationed at the time at Aviano.
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