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an officer in the airforce

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The shooting is about more than one air force officer.
BENGHAZI - A Libyan air force officer was killed Wednesday, and his wife and daughter seriously injured, when a bomb placed under his car exploded in the eastern city of Benghazi, officials said.
This evening Secretary [Chuck] Hagel spoke to Air Force Secretary [Michael] Donley about allegations of misconduct involving an Air Force officer who had been responsible for the service's sexual assault and prevention efforts and was removed today from his position pending the outcome of an investigation," (http://www.
As is the norm, senior air force officers have remained mostly tight-lipped about which aircraft have or haven't made the cut in terms of fulfilling the operational requirements, although some information seems to have trickled out regarding the flight tests wherein one or two of these six aircraft failed to develop "enough thrust" in the high altitude tests held at Leh.
About an hour after the grenade attacks, the air force officer was shot dead and another was slightly injured as they drove a pickup truck into the off-limits zone on Silom Road, a stretch lined with commercial banks and tall buildings that also runs alongside one of Bangkok's main nightlife areas popular with foreigners.
Air Force officer here is serving as the Iraqi Air Force's first female Mi-17 instructor pilot, a job she describes as one of a kind.
Thailand has freed a highranking Iranian Air Force officer whom the United States sought to extradite for attempting to illegally export U.
A secondhand report in Reuters quoted an unnamed air force officer saying the study's results justify further "testing" of the pills.
Cohen was a struggling young Air Force officer with no academic experience when he entered Drucker's PhD program in management, becoming the first graduate of Drucker's doctoral program.
In a case focusing on a Greek air force officer transferred to Naples, where he bought a Mercedes E200, the court has found that under EU directive 83/183 on the freedom of movement of workers, such public servants are deemed to have relocated to another member state after living there six months.
The space agency ended her contract after she was charged with trying to kidnap air force officer Colleen Shipman.
The other is a US Air Force officer stationed at the time at Aviano.
I love being an Air Force officer, because it gives me the opportunity to be a bit of a renaissance man.
They were raised by their father, now a retired Air Force officer.
The 43-year-old, a US Air Force officer, pleaded guilty on Friday (14 July) to a single charge of criminal mischief that named 13 victims.
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