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Genatempo, who has been selected to the grade of brigadier general, senior materiel leader and F-22 systems program manager, Fighters and Bombers Directorate, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, to Air Force program executive officer for weapons and director, Armament Directorate, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Air Force Materiel Command, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida.
The Air Force Frames from Flags Connections will show off a flag and medals of service in the United States Air Force.
To answer these questions, this section canvasses Air Force history in search of its artifacts, espoused beliefs, and basic assumptions forged in the fires of external adaptation and internal integration.
So above me is the image of our new (Air Force) memorial in Washington, and we were present at the dedication on October 14, and both of us felt blessed to have been the representatives of the Air Force when the memorial was ultimately and finally completed.
They mapped out the future of Air Force technology, which became the "Toward New Horizons" study we all revere.
It's true that a proposal to realign the 46th Test Wing to Edwards Air Force Base, California, is one of many options being considered as the Air Force must execute its mission more efficiently on an increasingly tighter budget,'' said John Norgren, spokesman for Eglin's Air Armament Center.
Earlier this year, Americans United asked Air Force officials to look into allegations of official preference toward evangelical Christianity at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.
Now, more than any time in recent history, Air Force security cooperation activities are at the center of our nation's security strategy.
Current Air Force direction is under revision in a draft (AFI 10-2302), Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration.
Perhaps the group to whom Air Force One is most special is the presidents.
Air Force personnel receive information from many sources and in many forms, for example a briefing summary, a message from a commander, a remote sensor, a notification of an aircraft maintenance technical order change, a notification of a new training program, or an air-tasking order.
Nearly 180,000 Air Force members are involved in operations while humanitarian and relief efforts continue, and Air Mobility Command takes off every 90 seconds 24/7.
This is a great opportunity to talk about Air Force medicine.
A combined team from Edwards, Robins Air Force Base in Georgia, Hill Air Force Base in Utah, and Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma has stripped down and rebuilt one Comp Air 7SLX, which had its first test flight at Edwards in April.
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