air flow

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the flow of air

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Automotive Air Flow Meter Market is growing rapidly across the world according to a recent study report published by the Market Research Future on Global Automotive Air Flow Meter Market.
[USPRwire, Thu Jun 20 2019] In order to dissert the market scenario prevailing across the air flow sensors market sector, FactMR has evenly presented a comprehensive air flow sensors market trends analysis to its extensive online repository.
The existing equation (1.1) to compute the moisture balance in the finite volumes needs to be extended with a source term that reflects the additional moisture source due to the air flow through the component.
Invisco Industrial offers the EP900 with a larger motor and blade that pulls 14,000 CFM under power and has a taller turbine that offers 10% more gravity air flow than the Edmonds design.
The flow around city model was selected as it represents a good agreement with flow around cooling towers study being external flow simulations; accordingly it is utilized for air flow model validation.
This reduces the air flow and can prevent the AC from removing heat and moisture properly.
Influence of the air flow on the film brake-up process and relevant parameters has been studied theoretically in [9].
Among those, the analysis of changes in air flow (Keevallik and Soomere, 2008, 2009) and net wave-driven sediment transport (Viska and Soomere, 2012) have demonstrated their capacity to highlight several core changes.
In this article, we examine the LES process combined with air blowing (LES-AB) and investigate the effect of the LES-AB conditions (air flow rate, air temperature, laser output power, and applied voltage) on the average diameter of ultrafine TPU fibers, fiber diameter variation, and the molecular weight of the fiber.
If the growing area is large, the air flow is likely to be nonuniform with lower wind velocity, which causes temperature difference among cultivation beds in the place as well as difficulties in producing uniform-quality crops [20, 21].
This in turn enhances the amount of air flow and thus provides for more powerful suction.
The unit provides laminar air-flow across the operator, extracting airborne respirable dust particles towards the rear of the booth, away from the operator's breathing zone and operating with constant air flow, it prevents contamination of the surrounding area.
In buildings with natural ventilation systems, uncontrolled air flow enters the premises through the building envelope leaks.