air embolism

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obstruction of the circulatory system caused by an air bubble as, e

pain resulting from rapid change in pressure

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Initial intraoperative diagnosis of air embolus is based on hypotension and decreased end tidal C[O.
Our patient experienced complications of air embolus while undergoing PCNL for a large calculus.
Exploratory surgery determined that a suture had worn off and a crucial component had disconnected, permitting an air embolus to form.
We present a case of a near-fatal pulmonary air embolus with documentation of air in the pulmonary outflow trunk and a residual air-filled fibrin tract seen on computed tomography.
It is possible that inadequate hemostasis of the catheter tract (3) or dislodgment of a thrombus plug by high positive pressure from straining or coughing might delay closure of the SC tract or actually reopen it and thus predispose to air embolus.