air embolism

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obstruction of the circulatory system caused by an air bubble as, e

pain resulting from rapid change in pressure

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The incidence of line-associated air embolism (occurring either at the time of central line insertion or during removal) has varied from 1 in 3,000 to 1 in 47 in different reports (Orebaugh, 1992).
barotrauma, air embolism, and other related problems).
New to the 2013 ECRI Institute list were 1) patient data errors in electronic health records (EHRs) and health information technology (IT), which included connecting patients to monitors assigned to other patients; 2) devices and IT systems that do not interface with one another; 3) air embolism hazards; and 4) texting while performing surgical procedures.
Even the cannulation of the pulmonary vein can cause some problems like air embolism.
2]O risk complications such as interstitial emphysema and air embolism (8).
Postpartum cases that occur after cesarean delivery could actually be air embolism misclassified as AFE, especially if the uterus was exteriorized for repair--a phenomenon that has been reported.
The American Hospital Association supports the inclusion of only three of the conditions outlined by CMS (an object left in during surgery, air embolism, and blood incompatibility).
The potential complications of percutaneous venous catheterizations are various and include pneumothorax, subclavian and carotid artery puncture, hematoma, air embolism, catheter malposition, catheter fragment embolization, venous thrombosis, infection and problems of guidewires (1).
Two of the most notable problems associated with rapid ascents while diving are; decompression sickness (the bends) and air embolism.
The air should have gone into a tube leading to the baby's stomach but he injected it into a venous drip by mistake causing a fatal air embolism.
Introducer sheath malfunction producing insidious air embolism.
After suffering an air embolism, Owen was treated in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber at Los Robles and released Sunday.
The Galt VTI allows surgeons the ability to introduce or provide access for other medical devices to enter into a patient's vascular system reducing the risk of an air embolism and leakage.