air embolism

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obstruction of the circulatory system caused by an air bubble as, e

pain resulting from rapid change in pressure

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Of these, pulmonary air embolism is a rare though often fatal complication.
barotrauma, air embolism, and other related problems).
Mechanisms in development of interstitial emphysema and air embolism on decompression from depth.
An air embolism can occur when air leaks into the blood and tissues from a pressure-caused injury.
Additionally, overinflation of the balloon can lead to occlusion of the outflow port and/or rupture of the balloon, with a potentially lethal air embolism, should air have mistakenly been used to inflate the a balloon.
After suffering an air embolism, Owen was treated in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber at Los Robles and released Sunday.
The Galt VTI allows surgeons the ability to introduce or provide access for other medical devices to enter into a patient's vascular system reducing the risk of an air embolism and leakage.
Suspecting an air embolism, the patient was placed in a left lateral Trendelenberg position and an unsuccessful attempt was made to aspirate from the catheter.
Trendelenburg position, continuous aortic venting, filling the cardiac chambers before the termination of CPB and trans-mitral apical venting are useful to avoid air embolism.
In a closed-off lung you have a recipe for barotrauma, pneumothorax and air embolism as you ascend (lower pressure) and do not exhale.
A biliary stent system that some physicians have been using off label for vascular procedures can induce air embolism causing seizure, stroke, coma, and death when used outside the biliary system.
However, this situation is associated with several serious complications, including pneumothorax,(10) cardiac tamponade and tension pneumomediastinum, (12) air embolism, (13) and mediastinitis and neck abscess (table 2).
Owen suffered an air embolism and was treated in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber at Los Robles.
Patients benefit from The WAND through potentially reduced risk of complications such as guidewire embolism, air embolism, and bloodstream contamination.
A CT scan showed a single area of oedema or infarction of the watershed territories of the right middle and anterior cerebral arteries, which at the time led to the suggestion that air embolism was not likely to be the cause.