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Synonyms for air cushion

the trapped air that supports a hovercraft a short distance above the water or ground

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a mechanical device using confined air to absorb the shock of motion

a cushion usually made of rubber or plastic that can be inflated

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The AIRmove air cushions and FOAMmove foam cushions are presented and usage tips are offered that are easily understandable with no prior knowledge required.
Bye Bye Decubiti [R] Therapeutic Wheelchair Air Cushions, manufactured and marketed by Ken McRight Supplies, Inc.
The 450-seat theatre can provide thrust, proscenium or in-the-round stages, using moveable seating and stage units running on air cushions.
Michael Hawes cites another limitation: air cushions permit motion along the plane of the floor, but not up and down.
The company also designs and makes custom dispensing/storage systems for air cushions and loosefill packaging.
The machine creates six different air cushions configurations that provide superior protection to standard bubble wrapping material.
The company offers a range of packing systems which also includes the Air Bagger air cushions and Top Pad environmentally friendly void fill.
Bye Bye Decubiti[R] Therapeutic Wheelchair Air Cushions, manufactured by Ken McRight Supplies, Inc.
The Los Angeles Fire Department inflated giant air cushions beneath the freeway bridge and California Highway Patrol officers closed all southbound freeway lanes.