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the trapped air that supports a hovercraft a short distance above the water or ground

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a mechanical device using confined air to absorb the shock of motion

a cushion usually made of rubber or plastic that can be inflated

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The sponge-and-puff combination in an air cushion may allow a more natural look with the use of a foundation because it can provide better distribution of the product on the skin, and noticeably reduce an uneven appearance.
Installed in 2012, each of the four in-line workstations is equipped with a silo and a machine that fills 10 meters of air cushions per minute and automatically tops off the silo.
If a potential accident is about to occur, as determined by excessive braking deceleration or an imminent skid, Pre-Safe tensions the front seatbelts as a precaution and inflates air cushions in the seats to envelop and support the driver and front passenger.
In addition to improved handling when exchanging rolls, the Mini-Excel machine offers a technical innovation: the complete heat-sealing unit is fitted with automatic calibration for sealing the air cushions. The compactly built and very quietly working machine has a weight of 9 kg and can be integrated into all packaging processes.
It was stuck under the wheels and firefighters used high-pressure air cushions to lift the vehicle and free the dog.
TRAINERS with air cushions and gel cells in the soles are more likely to cause ankle injuries than give support, a new study shows.
The sensors ride on air cushions and are held apart by the thickness of the sheet.
Another seat design features a split 'bullocks support area' with two opposing microprocessor-controlled air cushions that inflate and deflate to relieve pressure while simulating a walking motion.
Bye Bye Decubiti [R] Therapeutic Wheelchair Air Cushions, manufactured and marketed by Ken McRight Supplies, Inc., offer comfort and protection against decubiti (pressure sores) and other skin problems, especially to the spinal-injured and geriatric patient.
The 450-seat theatre can provide thrust, proscenium or in-the-round stages, using moveable seating and stage units running on air cushions. Four levels of steel-framed seating, arranged in a horseshoe, are suspended from the theatre roof on 40mm diameter Macalloy bars.