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This system uses two antennalike cerci studded with a thousand tiny hairs to stabilize itself during flight and to detect subtle changes in air currents that enable the insect to sense encroaching predators or potential mates.
Washington, December 20 (ANI): In a new study, scientists have suggested that the Amazon's "flying rivers", humid air currents that deliver water to the vast rain forest, may be ebbing, which could have dire consequences for the region's ability to help curb global warming.
Using a looped rope travelling through a tube with evenly spaced discs to create a moving air current, conveyors maintain high throughout rates of up to 120 tonnes/hr, elevating material from a ground-level feed hopper to heights of up to 25 m at any angle.
He said the patio of their home in Hastings, East Sussex, where she was murdered would have created its own air current and scattered the blood like wind blowing across water and forming a spray.
Aero-mechanical conveyors comprise a rope loop travelling through a tube with spaced discs secured to it, creating a moving air current and virtually eliminating material degradation, with no cyclone or filter needed to separate the product from the air.
A heron floats by on an air current as we drift through a calm stretch.
Near Chile, Fossett was forced to move Spirit of Freedom off route, losing a favourable air current.
The design is based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and ensures an optimum air current control, the TSO is controlled by a PLC system, and preliminary cleaning is carried out using a CIP system.
In fact, the entire gallery was punctuated with mirrored discs, suspended from the ceiling, that turned with every shifting air current.
The innovative WindStop technology features a microphone in a minute acoustic chamber, which is surrounded by a sintered plastic material that serves as a barrier to disruptive air current.
Using a looped rope traveling through a tube with evenly spaced discs to create a moving air current, these conveyors are said to maintain high throughput rates of up to 120 metric tons per hour, elevating material from a ground-level feed hopper to heights of up to 25 m at any angle, according to the company.
An Edwards Air Force Base test pilot school instructor who was elected Tuesday to the Southern Kern Unified School District board, Payne was recognized for his achievements in using an air current known as the Sierra Wave for world-record glider speed flights.
It takes a certain kind of mind to see the performance potential of a furniture dolly or to dispatch a performer to fly a kite dangerously low over an audience when the lack of an air current seems to guarantee that an unlucky patron will get doinked (fear not; kite flier David Brittain is a trained professional).
Natural sources could violate such standards on days when air currents carry large amounts of Saharan dust, says Cahill.
Damascus, SANA -- The temperatures remain around average in most areas as the country is still affected by an Indian seasonal low air pressure accompanied by southwestern air currents in the upper layers of the atmosphere.