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Washington, December 20 (ANI): In a new study, scientists have suggested that the Amazon's "flying rivers", humid air currents that deliver water to the vast rain forest, may be ebbing, which could have dire consequences for the region's ability to help curb global warming.
It takes a certain kind of mind to see the performance potential of a furniture dolly or to dispatch a performer to fly a kite dangerously low over an audience when the lack of an air current seems to guarantee that an unlucky patron will get doinked (fear not; kite flier David Brittain is a trained professional).
It generates an air current strong enough to keep his throat muscles from collapsing and interrupting his breathing.
NYSE:MGM), has entered into a multi-year agreement with direct broadcast satellite operator DIRECTV JAPAN to air current and upcoming MGM and United Artists films on pay-per-view, it was jointly announced by James Griffiths, President - MGM International Television Distribution and MGM Networks, and Larry Hunter, Chairman and President of DIRECTV JAPAN.
We've determined that the transfer rates for information about air current velocity ranged from about 100 to 250 bits per second for the sensory receptors and between 10 and 60 bits per second for the primary sensory interneurons," Miller observes.
Computer simulations indicate that this stretching of a droplet into a cascade of necks can continue indefinitely as long as there is some kind of disturbance present, whether a slight air current, tiny temperature fluctuation, or pressure variation in the nozzle.
The air current soaks up evaporated water, becoming more saturated as it sinks.
When this signal bumps into an air current, it bounces back down to a receiver on the ground.
Damascus, SANA -- Temperatures will continue to rise to become from 2 to 4 degrees above average as the country is affected by a superficial high air pressure accompanied by northwestern air currents in the upper layers of the atmosphere.
Through analysis of the dataset, researchers created a record of cloud observations for the years 1983-2009, and they combined that data with a computer re-creation of Earth's air currents based on surface observations and satellite datasets.
The air currents spin the droplets into a roll cloud.
Loss of ice due to climate change is affecting strong air currents high in the atmosphere, research suggests.
Changes in turbulence are probably linked to alterations in the fast-moving air currents known as the jet streams, the researchers say.
has a reverse-air cooling system suited especially to blown film that removes heat and undesireable air currents from the extrusion area for optimum bubble stability while also improving energy efficiency.
Finally, the bird leaps out of the nest and into the unknown, where air currents eventually deliver it to a nearby body of waterawhere it immediately dives in and swims