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(The jetstream, by comparison, flows from west to east at 12 kilometers.) The low-level jet often crisscrosses other air currents and creates wind shear, which helps spark thunderstorms and tornadoes.
Flying rivers may transport as much water as the Amazon River itself, according to Gerard Moss, an engineer and founder of the Flying Rivers Project, an ongoing effort to document the humid air currents and their effects.
Its slim and smooth profile eliminates noise related to high-speed rotation, while it reduces the air current created by the hex nuts and slots on the periphery of most toolholders.
This circular air current around the board eliminates hot spots by producing consistent temperature, pressure, velocity, volume and direction across the board.
Using a looped rope travelling through a tube with evenly spaced discs to create a moving air current, conveyors maintain high throughout rates of up to 120 tonnes/hr, elevating material from a ground-level feed hopper to heights of up to 25 m at any angle.
Near Chile, Fossett was forced to move Spirit of Freedom off route, losing a favourable air current.
Aero-mechanical conveyors comprise a rope loop travelling through a tube with spaced discs secured to it, creating a moving air current and virtually eliminating material degradation, with no cyclone or filter needed to separate the product from the air.
In fact, the entire gallery was punctuated with mirrored discs, suspended from the ceiling, that turned with every shifting air current. On the one hand they acce ntuated the sense of the space's mobility, and on the other they became the tools for a spontaneous and involuntary anamorphosis as viewers entered these kaleidoscopic images and joined the continuously changing reflections.
But experts say workers using chutes to escape burning skyscrapers would be swept into the flames by air currents.
Responsive to light and shadow as well as to air currents, the blue-white pouches seemed to breathe.
Damascus, SANA- Temperatures will drop, yet they will remain from 2 to 4 degrees above average as the country is affected by a superficial high air pressure accompanied by western air currents in the upper layers of the atmosphere.
The technology removes buoyancy effects caused by temperature differences that lead to air currents. The air is said to easily flow through the weigh pan without lifting the pan, resulting in rapid stability.
However, air currents can carry dioxins and furans across national borders, so the health implications of small-scale trash burning deserve international attention, he says.
Air currents from resin movement in and out of the tank can attenuate the return signal.