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the crew of an aircraft

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Along with Robertson the Oman Air crew comprises Pete Greenhalgh, James Wier-zbowski, Stewart Dodson and Omani sailor Nasser al Mashari.
The plane bound for Istanbul was flying from Hong Kong with a stopover in Bishkek for refueling and air crew shift.
A fifth place in the first and only other race sailed saw the Oman Air crew finish the day third overall on the leaderboard, but happy to sign off having led all the way at the end.
Matthew Pool, Combat Air Crew 4 patrol plane commander.
Tributes were read to each of the air crew members of the rescue squadron.
In addition to executing the air crew transition, maintenance personnel training, individual material readiness list turn in, and the hangar move (as well as finishing their personal property moves and getting vehicles) the Gauntlets spent thousands of man-hours pulling apart and scanning their jets to detect radiation contamination based on their overseas work during Operation Tomadachi.
The police air crew had been taking part in the ongoing operation following Saturday's tragedy near Hilltown, Co Down, in which three men were killed, including a close friend of Prince Charles.
AIR crew on a budget airline which regularly flies out of Newcastle Airport are refusing to work on some of the company's fleet because they claim polluted air is putting lives at risk.
RAF bosses are launching a drive to recruit gay pilots, engineers and air crew to try to solve a staffing crisis.
The simulator will be used to train Sea King helicopter air crew students to retrieve objects and survivors from difficult locations, in poor weather and at night time.
The new Crew Reporting Building will enable us to play our part in helping the Sultanate reach its tourism development goals as we open up new routes and realize our own ambitious plans for expansion." OAMC was represented at the ceremony by CEO Sheikh Aimen Al Hosni who remarked: "OAMC is delighted to be able to facilitate the development of the Oman Air Crew Reporting Building and provide the necessary land for its construction.
HS-10 was the single fleet replacement squadron for the indoctrination and training of pilots and enlisted air crew members in the SH-60F/HH-60H and associated warfare operations.
He said that all six of the air crew and passengers escaped without injury but the aircraft sustained damage.
REDUNDANT soldiers, sailors and air crew are to be offered jobs in the Australian military - with citizenship awarded after just three months.