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the crew of an aircraft

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The plane bound for Istanbul was flying from Hong Kong with a stopover in Bishkek for refueling and air crew shift.
A fifth place in the first and only other race sailed saw the Oman Air crew finish the day third overall on the leaderboard, but happy to sign off having led all the way at the end.
Left to right, Jay Steward, chief pilot, Mark Cotgrave, air crew paramedic, Dr <B James McFetrich, and Dr Mike Davison, air crew doctor.
She delved into some of the most important advice given to the air crew.
The flight was a bilateral patrol mission in airspace off of Luzon Island and allowed the US Navy air crew to demonstrate the P8A's capabilities in both the littoral and open ocean environment and the flight characteristics of the P8A in both high altitude reconnaissance missions and low altitude patrol regimes," the statement added.
Moreover, his three junior pilots and two air crew members had been his students at the FRS.
Many air crew members are protesting the growing culture of contractual employment and want all fresh and existing employees on contract to be hired as full- time employees.
Being awarded the silver medal in this prestigious category attests to Gulf Air crew members' ability to work together as a team, to their dedication, commitment and their knowledge of inflight duty free services," remarked Gulf Air chief operating officer Nasser Al Salmi.
Forty-five members of Bulgaria Air crew are leaving for Pakistan to operate the two Bulgaria Air planes for Air Blue.
I volunteered for air crew duties with Bomber Command in 1943, aged 17.
Summary: Started as a military technology to save air crew from emergencies and developed into a way of delivering soldiers to the battlefield, skydiving or parachuting has now become an international sport.
Six air crew and passengers on board the RAF Chinook were unhurt but the aircraft itself sustained damage.
A spokesman for the RAF said: "Our thoughts and prayers remain with the next-of-kin of the air crew involved in the accident at this very difficult time.
dead last nig coll By Charlie Gall TWO RAF air crew were feared night after a suspected mid-air collision between two Scots-based Tornado jets.
Summary: One member of air crew has died and two others remain unaccounted for after two Tornado jets crashed off the coast of Scotland.