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the use of military aircraft to provide protection against attack by enemy aircraft during ground or naval operations

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TEHRAN (FNA)- Kurdish fighters of the People's Protection Units, backed by the Syrian and Russian jet's air cover, managed to establish full control over a military base north of Aleppo and several other sites in the region formerly held by the terrorists.
If we are going to have air cover which is effective and affordable, that seems to be a perfect debate to be having," he said.
With air cover needed at other sites, on one day the base took 59 mortar hits.
He added that "liberalization process will be accompanied by air cover form the Iraqi air force and the international coalition to support the Iraqi security forces on the ground, to shelling and targeting ISIS (Daash) gatherings in inside Ramadi and its surrounding areas " .
Commanders are worried that without US air cover the force could be attacked by Taliban stragglers and hostile Pashtun fighters.
The hirelings have been trying to advance towards al-Amri area in the town under a heavy air cover by the hostile aircraft but the army and popular committees managed to repulse them, a military official said.
The source said in a press statement today: "The support provided by the international coalition should be to provide air cover for Iraqi troops and to guarantee the interests of our heroes fighters on the ground, as well as to avoid civilians of any harmful consequences.
He said our forces must have American air cover and be able to rely on an airlift from the war zone if necessary.
The source pointed out that these attempts by the aggression mercenaries came under an intensive air cover, where the hostile warplanes targeted different areas in Taiz province, which led to killing and wounding a number of citizens.
Spokesman of the Pentagon Colonel Steve Warren said that the Iraqi government informed the United States on the date of the attack, but they did not ask for the provision of air cover from coalition aircraft.
A statement by his Office quoted al- Jaafari as saying during a meeting with the US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones that Iraq needs more security and military support of air cover and logistical support, and intelligence, and humanitarian assistance," calling on all friendly countries of Iraq to provide humanitarian assistance to the displaced whose number exceeded two million displaced people living difficult conditions and big suffering with the severity of the cold and rain.
Dempsey congratulated the Iraqi government and people for the recent victories, stressing his country's commitment to support Iraq and its armed forces in the field of providing air cover and arming and training the Iraqi forces.
He added that the Air Force has also providing direct support for military units through securing air cover and providing them with arms and ammunition, materials and equipment necessary to sustain the momentum of the operations carried out by security forces to cleanse areas of the IS gangs.
Ramadi/ Nina /--Head of the provincial council of Anbar Sabah Karhoot urged the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to immediately intervene and provide air cover for security forces that haunt Daash gangs in Anbar, calling in the same time on the international coalition to support the army and security forces with weapons and equipment.
The source added that the Council of Ministers welcomed the international support for Iraq in the fight against the forces of darkness and terrorism by providing air cover and logistical support for our military units, and the emphasis on respecting Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and will issue a statement in this regard .