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the use of military aircraft to provide protection against attack by enemy aircraft during ground or naval operations

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This year the chosen charity is Wales Air Ambulance, which provides emergency air cover for those who face life-threatening illness or injuries.
Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said the Iraqis needed support in terms of logistics, air cover and training, but said ground troops was not an option.
Made in Australia, the cover comes in four colors and makes a nice step up from the standard Apple Pad Air Cover.
Use air cover to shut down transportation--no vehicles move without clearance--equivalent to blockading a sea port.
A pair of Mig 29s chased each other in simulated dogfights, MiG 21 fightersA showed manoeuvres used in providingA air cover to airports against attackingA enemy planes, while Su 25 jets simulated A attacks against ground targets.
The UK's NATO allies operating in Syria should also provide tactical air cover to the defenders of Kobane, (which hitherto has been inadequate) and disrupt IS supply lines, while at the same time doing the utmost to avoid civilian casualties.
Insisting that he is the duly elected prime minister of his country, Maliki said that he remains determined to destroy the dens of the terrorists', and added that had proper air cover been in place, the advance of the rebels could have been stopped.
Moreover Army aviation would also provide air cover using 50 helicopters across the country on May 11.
Now that we have this technology across the country, it means everyone in Wales - from busy towns to the remotest of countryside - can benefit from this cutting-edge emergency air cover.
Thirteen Taliban fighters were killed and four others wounded in the operation carried out by Afghan forces, backed by NATO air cover, in the Sya Gard district of Ghorband valley, governor's spokesperson Roshna Khalid told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Successful amphibious operations were staged by the Saad Bin Abi Waqqas combined taskforce under massive air cover in the war-game exercise, codenamed "Islands of Loyalty", in parallel with the diplomatic, media and legal efforts.
We have hardly any air cover, our brave troops are fully stretched fighting wars that we cannot win.
The insults began with the decommissioning of HMS Ark Royal, which means no Harriers are available for air cover.
She said protective military air cover in Libya is a real possibility, although she acknowledged there would be drawbacks.
In a scenario like that our Marines would not have a chance without air cover, that is assuming we still have any Royal Marines.