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the transmission of heat or electricity or sound

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Pure tone average 1 (PTA1) was calculated with air conduction thresholds at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz and 2000 Hz (0.5-2 kHz), and pure tone average 2 (PTA2) was calculated with air conduction thresholds at 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz and 4000 Hz (1-4 kHz).
Reported success closure rates were 71% with an average PTA improvement of 12.4 dB in air conduction postoperatively and 64% of patients had PTA air conduction thresholds better than 30 dB in the operated ear postoperatively.
Participants' age was significantly correlated with the pure tone average (PTA) air conduction threshold for both the PD (p = 0.02) and control (p = 0.0003) groups.
Pure CHL will present as an increased hearing threshold when testing for air conduction and a normal threshold for bone conduction.
Comparison Estudo 13 Of The Latencies Between Bone And Air Conduction In The Auditory Brain Stem Evoked Potential.
by calculating the average air-bone gap and air conduction threshold of all the ears with that aetiological factor.
Abbreviations: AC = air conduction, BC = bone conduction, CC = cartilage conduction, CT = computed tomography, ISO = International Organization for Standardization.
The average preoperative hearing loss (air conduction) was 49.5 [+ or -] 12.7 dB (36-73 dB).
The contribution of air conduction in the effective thermal conductivity is negligibly small, even when the pore size is on the micrometer scale.
The air gap in the FVM was treated with an effective material with a thermal resistance calculated by Equations 5-10, which combines the influence of radiative heat transfer, air conduction and convection.
The new Evolution Ultra Cool design is said to evenly cool from inside and out, with a height-adjustable cooling ring and an air-cooled inner cooling system that optimise the air conduction inside the bubble, keeping the bubble stable even at high throughput.
Masking was used for air conduction whenever the difference between the air conduction presentation level and the non-test ear bone conduction thresholds exceeded 40 dB for the lower frequencies and 60 dB for the higher frequencies5.
This was seen as Hearing threshold raised for both bone and air conduction.
MIWE's engineers have also worked hard to improve the air conduction of the oven and this has made it possible to bake at lower temperatures and therefore helps bakers cut energy costs.
The listening test records both bone conduction and air conduction. It also records perception in right and left ears separately.
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