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the transmission of heat or electricity or sound

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For the sake of testing air conduction, they use earphones inserted into the ear rather than headphones that fit around the ear.
The averaged of the air conduction (AC) and bone conduction (BC) thresholds of right and left ears, obtained for the frequencies 250, 500Hz, and 1, 2, and 4KHz are shown in Fig.
Keller, blinded during infancy and ``possessing neither bone nor air conduction in either ear,'' is fascinating.
For the first time, Ponto Pro Power brings the advanced innovative features that have revolutionized the field of air conduction hearing devices to people with severe hearing loss who cannot benefit from traditional hearing solutions," said Jes Olsen, Oticon Medical General Manager.
Air conduction (250 to 6,000 Hz), bone conduction (500 to 4,000 Hz), and speech recognition threshold (SRT) and speech discrimination scores were determined in both ears of participants via a TDH-39 earphone.
Pure tone audiometry (PTA) threshold for each ear was determined at 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2kHz, 4KHz and 8KHz by air conduction.
Tomatis's contention is that osseous conduction is the major route of sound conduction to the inner ear, not air conduction.
The website provides the same air conduction test that is given in most hearing clinics.
We compared the mean pre- and postoperative PTAs for air conduction, bone conduction, and air-bone gap (ABG) at 0.
5,Disposable drapes,Transducer for air conduction testing headphone (along with the cable) Model: TDH50
Air conduction and Bone conduction thresholds for the frequencies from 250KHZ to 16K KHZ were recorded.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Computer System and Air Conduction Supply at Vidisha
The post-operative air conduction was within 25 dB in 73.
Cholesteatomas often present with fetid otorrhea, but in this case, progressive hearing loss secondary to poor air conduction was the only presenting symptom.
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