air conditioning

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a system that keeps air cool and dry

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The team of professional HVAC technicians at Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning work to provide customers throughout Maryland and NW Washington DC with the highest quality, safest, and most environmentally friendly heating and air conditioning practices and systems available.
The vast spread of air conditioning in recent years can be attributed to a type of air-conditioning unit called the heat pump.
Steve Warnock, Coolmation's group managing director explains: "Existing chiller and air conditioning plant might just cope in the winter months but could struggle once outdoor temperatures start to rise.
We do everything we can to provide a comfortable Ramos said he believes many more of the 650 warehouse workers want air conditioning but are afraid of managers' reaction if they are associated with the union.
More and more people today are enjoying the benefits of comfortable working and living environments made possible with air conditioning.
As with office building tenants, the top demand of tenants in shopping centers is heating and air conditioning in tenant space (52.
Despite the massive decline in demand for air conditioning systems during 2008-2009, compounded by changing climatic conditions and rising costs of production, the industry has weathered the storm and is now well on the road to recovery, with strong forecast growth to 2017.
About Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning - At Total Air Heating & Air Conditioning, there are a lot of options for Riverside air conditioning repairs and air conditioning installations so you really don't have to worry about having to stick to one type of system or brand.
If you have no air conditioning, go to the library, mall or movie theater.
The provisions of the New York City Fire Department Rules and Regulations that require a licensed refrigeration engineer to constantly man certain refrigeration and air conditioning systems are a prominent example.
The European central air conditioning systems market was worth approximately $5.
Contract awarded for Maintenance Equipment Air Conditioning 9000 Btu (Aro And App)
After a few hours in the air conditioning, however, he joked, ``I am freezing almost
The old standard has been the use of individual room perimeter air conditioning units.
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