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a system that keeps air cool and dry

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Automotive air conditioning is the process of removing heat from the interior of the vehicle, to improve the comfort of the occupants.
Singer's Air Conditioning business, provides customers a range of value added benefits including free site inspection conducted by the Singer's pool of well experienced service personnel.
Rob Norton, master plumber and owner of Affordable Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning, expresses excitement for his company's new residential plumbing division.
'Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning is very excited to have the opportunity to support the Asian University for Women.
As a result of the lawsuit, the department also has asked the Legislature for funds to install air conditioning at the Hodge Unit in East Texas, which houses developmentally disabled inmates, for an estimated $2 million, Collier said.
Built with a high-capacity and efficient air conditioning which perfectly suits the high temperatures in the Middle East, a quick pit stop at the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicle Workshop in Muscat allows Actros customers to take a breather and feel comfortable as they get back on the road.
Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program, in honor of his father.
In addition, with the lowest operating noise level of only 26 db, Super Match central air conditioning system perfectly meets users demand for healthy environment, comfort and high quality.
Therefore, in order to implement constant temperature and humidity control, the controlled temperature and humidity air conditioning system was used in this study.
Air Con Solutions (ACS) is a rapidly rising name in the field of air conditioning. ACS represents two Chinese, (Suzhou Foundation HVAC Equipment Co Ltd.
Summary: Evaporative air conditioning of outdoor environment is the new trend in the Gulf and its demand is fast rising especially with the advent of summer.
On a hot day is it more economical to drive with the window down and switch off the air conditioning, so saving power, or is it more advantageous to have the window closed and the air conditioning on?
"Rather than replacing existing equipment, the Smartcool ECO3 software does the job by reducing the electricity consumption and maximum demand of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors," said Raj Dhanjal, operations director of the company.
Research from Kwik-Fit reveals that the mystery pong is usually the air conditioning.
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