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a compressor that takes in air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at a higher pressure

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Chapter Ten Portable Air Compressor Industry Development Trend
45 billion in 2014, the global air compressor controller market is forecast to reach $5.
These enhancements include greater fuel efficiency, more durable packaging, and several low-cost additions that give air compressors increased functionality at the job site.
Rotary air compressor was the highest revenue generating segment in 2013 and would continue to lead the market during the forecast period.
The shipbuilder and marine engine manufacturer began developing a range of air compressors in 2011.
Therefore, to ensure the safety of the consumer through the highest quality products, food manufacturers should look at ways to implement oil-free air compressors that meet ISO 8573-1 Class 0 standards for air quality.
Ltd, a large-sized maker of air compressors in Taiwan, scored combined sales of NT$ 5.
Just like a pet needs a bath once in awhile, it is always a good idea to keep an air compressor clean.
The Genair is an underdeck unit that combines the power of a 125 to 185 cfm air compressor with the convenience of a patented, integral 7,200 to 11,600-watt AC generator.
The four-color guide features information on different types of air compressors, evaluating compressed air systems, selecting an air compressor and maintenance, as well as details on compressed air requirements, cost and global standards for quality.
Rotary vane air compressor and vacuum pumps from the Gast Group--a member of the IDEX Corporation--are available with oil-less, oil-lubricated, motor-mounted or separate drive styles, making them suitable for use in thousands of applications.
More powerful and easier to use than mains operated or rechargeable tolls, this fully portable and labour-saving air compressor and tool set will revolutionise the way you tackle many DIY jobs.
Sirocco air compressor oil is said to have a profound impact on the rotary screw compressor oil market, offering users tremendous performance and cost savings over competitive glycol based products, according to the company.
First, ethanol-enriched gasoline was put in the air compressor and the time that it took to reach 120 psi inside the air chamber was recorded.