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a filter that removes dust from the air that passes through it

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A room air cleaner can remove many of these particles.
The number of air cleaners a room needs depends on the room's volume, the CADR of the air cleaner and the leakage into the building from windows and doors and such.
The concentrations upstream and downstream of the air cleaner are measured.
Keep a close eye on the air cleaner indicator or air filter clogged light while operating your vehicle.
Sales of Panasonic's air cleaners surged 2.2-fold in January.
Their main goal is to help consumers find the best air cleaner reviews that are online today.
According to JIS C 9615, 0.5-m ducts were connected to the inlet and outlet of the air cleaner, and the PTFE tubes were placed near the center of the inlet panel and outlet grill through these ducts to take air samples.
* UV air cleaner uses a HEPA filter as well as ultraviolet light rays to clean air.
In this section in September 2005, we told you about the PERMAtech Ionizing Air Cleaner by Bionaire from The Holmes Group, Milford, Mass.
Not all ionizing air cleaner models produce significant amounts of ozone.
"If you have a child with asthma, and you've addressed all the sources of air pollution as best you can, then maybe you should look at a portable air cleaner for the bedroom," O'Connell says.
After reoccupation, a portable HEPA air cleaner (at 3 air exchanges per h [10]) is used for 12 h every day, and 10 min of floor vacuuming occurs weekly at half the estimated efficiency of the remedial vacuuming.
BIONAIRE, an air cleaner brand from The Holmes Group, introduced the PERMAtech Ionizing Air Cleaner, offering HEPA-type filtration with a filter that never needs replacement.
The rejuvenated air is then cleaned by either a deep pleated media filter or a Honeywell electronic air cleaner. Honeywell's 4" media filter, in comparison to a standard 1" fiberglass filter, is 40 times more efficient and reduces the static pressure drop in the HVAC system that forces the furnace to work harder in order to heat/cool the house.
Daihatsu will add the bumpers and headlights to the Denso-manufactured module, which will be delivered with the radiator, electric Fan, air conditioning condenser, turbocharger intercooler, and air cleaner in place.