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a filter that removes dust from the air that passes through it

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The concentrations upstream and downstream of the air cleaner are measured.
Acme selected an indoor location for the air cleaners so that the cleaned exhaust could recirculate back into the foundry.
When an air cleaner stops working, house dust begins showing up again.
Pall's Centrisep air cleaners protect helicopter engines from airborne contamination by utilizing centrifugal force to continuously remove particles, such as sand, dust and salt spray, before they can enter the engine air intake.
0], ppm) and the concentration measured after operating the air cleaner for 30 min ([C.
An air cleaner may process only 10 cubic feet of air each minute.
AHAM, a trade association for air purifier manufacturers, does independent testing on different air cleaner models and gives the performance data to consumers.
The demand for domestic air cleaners has increased greatly and two square meters on average of electret-processes nonwovens are used for installed electret filters.
After reoccupation, a portable HEPA air cleaner (at 3 air exchanges per h [10]) is used for 12 h every day, and 10 min of floor vacuuming occurs weekly at half the estimated efficiency of the remedial vacuuming.
BIONAIRE, an air cleaner brand from The Holmes Group, introduced the PERMAtech Ionizing Air Cleaner, offering HEPA-type filtration with a filter that never needs replacement.
Daihatsu will add the bumpers and headlights to the Denso-manufactured module, which will be delivered with the radiator, electric Fan, air conditioning condenser, turbocharger intercooler, and air cleaner in place.
Top reasons for purchasing an air cleaner include: * To improve the general quality of air in their homes (47%) * To reduce dust within the home (42%) * To relieve symptoms of allergies (38%) Where the Problem Lies
WASHINGTON-A typical purchaser of an air cleaner relies on packaging for information and buys the product from a discount or department store.
Pollution Control -- Turf keeps the air cleaner by trapping dust and smoke particles from the air.
The HC16 is the first whole-house media air cleaner on the market to be rated at MERV 16, making it the most efficient in-line media air cleaner now available.