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a tiny sac for holding air in the lungs

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Samli et al [11] ascribed most changes in egg quality, including those in the HU, YI, albumen height and pH, and air cell size, to the release of carbon dioxide from the albumen and water evaporation through the pores in the shell.
The tegmental or periantral air cell may extend into the zygomatic arch, producing the ZACD.
Although we did not simulate the air flow through the deforming air cells during sitting on the ACB cushion, we did apply distributed forces over the inner surfaces of the air cells (0.
SUMMARY: The exact mechanism of the pneumatization of the mastoid air cell system and the factors influencing the pneumatization are poorly understood.
In bakery products, it provides water and air cell control to improve dough texture, filling stability and shelf life.
The tests used in this experiment included finding the amount of calcium carbonate in the egg shell, the air cell size, and the percentage of protein in each type of egg.
In addition to featuring air cell cores that target individual comfort levels, the smart bed's computerized monitoring system measures and adjusts pressure levels.
Contract notice:provision for sdis 34, of a first response air cell and fight against forest fires consisting of aircrafts with crew
A statement by the war media cell said today that, based on the Iraqi national intelligence service information in coordination with Air cell - Joint Special Operations Command, the aircraft of the Iraqi Air Force carried out an airstrike to a plant for booby-trapping vehicles and making improvised explosive devices and a headquarters for the terrorists in the city of Mosul, which resulted in destroying the plant completely and killed the terrorists inside it and the destruction of a number of explosive devices and materials, and followed the air strike several explosions.
Onodi cell is the most posterior ethmoid air cell that extends laterally (Figure-e).
Cushions were then categorized into groups based on the materials of construction: viscous fluid (n = 5), air cell (n = 7), elastic/viscoelastic (VE) foam (n = 6), and honeycomb (n = 3).
Bubbly Air Cell: The air cell has been ruptured and results in one or more separate air bubbles.
Carrageenan binds water to form a gel network that reinforces gluten structure, yielding an improved air cell matrix.
14-19) Jackler and Cho propose an alternative hypothesis: that blood products arise from dehiscences of the bony partition between the petrous apex air cell system and the bone marrow in the anterior temporal bone or clivus.
Whipping stability is good and air cell walls are strengthened, which reduces the tendency for shrinkage.