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The centers of the Air Castle Star blocks are fussy cut to feature individual ornaments.
Instead of going down the well-worn path of an "angel" private investor coming with another conceptual air castle, tourism and city officials intend to map out a site plan and bring various partners and investment to the table to create some sort of landmark tourist attraction augmented by a restaurant and some retail.
Air castle of the South; WSM and the making of Music City.
These new tenants include Bank of Ireland, CIT Group, DHR International, Barrow Street Capital, Newbury Partners, Inc., Entergy Nuclear Power Marketing, Mason Capital Management, Air Castle Advisor, Artha Capital Management, Inc., Morgan & Finnegan, Garnet Capital Advisors, Worldwide Marketing and Media Group, Media Options Inc., and Ziff Brothers Investment LLC.
An unnamed editor even took time to note that this aerial view, painted by Constantin Alajalov, an emigre from Russia, had originally been planned to depict "castles in air." But the painter changed his mind, the editor explains, not out of "cynicism" but because it "takes as much magic to create a two-car domicile as it does to whip up an air castle."
Recently, Mason Capital Management, Air Castle Advisor LLC, Morgan & Finnegan, LLP, Artha Capital Management, Inc., Ziff Brothers Investment LLC, Altrinsic Global Advisors, LLC, and Greenwich Prime Trading Group, LLC, among many others, also opted to sign leases in First Stamford Place rather than maintaining all of their operations in Manhattan or Greenwich, where rental prices are considerably higher for properties of similar or lesser quality.
Hanson, at the time a Peacock technical operations exec, gushed that the net's "new home in Radio City is quite as fabulous as any palace ever described by Grimm or Lang, quite as fantastic as any air castle ever built in daydreams."