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a subsonic jet airliner operated over short distances

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After the introduction of the investment fund, TransAsia may join hands with Air Bus in building a large-scale hangar for the repair and maintenance of large aircrafts A320 and A321, which it purchases.
Besides the Air Bus, the taxis will also be happy to take you.
Maintaining a fleet of over of over 161 modern boeings and air bus aircraft for domestic and international flights the maintenance and technical facilities and ground engineering support are provided in a big wide-bodied hanger.
He said that billions of rupees were being spent on the construction of Gwadar International Airport following the architecture of Beijing, China Airport where double story air bus would also land.
Similarly, France was able to secure a dominant role in the hugely successful Air Bus project.
Sources also told that it would be ensured during the investigation that report could not go against air safety parameters set by European Union as the plane which was crashed was an air bus of a French company.
PORT TALBOT eased through with a 2-0 success at DINAS POWIS, both goals from Rhys Griffiths, while Kevin Leech scored a brace for AIR BUS in their 3-0 win at LLANDUDNO JUNCTION.
And let's not forget the aforementioned Brian Mulroney, who has now admitted he received an odd $300,000 dollar consulting contract from a dubious political fixer involved in the Air Bus scandal by the name of Karlheinz Schreiber.
Fitting the fuel systems to an air bus wing under construction at Broughton in Flintshire
Everywhere we went we were treated with extreme kindness and especially by the officials at the following places: the museum; planetarium; the ferry; the Palm House in Sefton Park; the driver on the open air bus tour.
An open air bus met the Ryan Air jet that carried the victorious team back from Scotland where they beat favourites Italy 2-1 in the final on Friday night.
The runways have been constructed according to international standards where big planes like Air Bus 380 will be able to land.
He said that Iran Air can resume the flights with its Boeing 747 passenger planes and Mahan Air also has three long-distance Air Bus jets which can be used for the same purpose.
The Air Bus experts in France would decode the box and would determine the actual cause of the crash.