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a subsonic jet airliner operated over short distances

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Air Bus has planned to invest in the hangar, mainly due to the high quality of Taiwanese technicians, the rapid development of cross-Taiwan Strait air routes, Taiwan's excellent geographic location, and the large potential of the Asian market.
Besides the Air Bus, the taxis will also be happy to take you.
Maintaining a fleet of over of over 161 modern boeings and air bus aircraft for domestic and international flights the maintenance and technical facilities and ground engineering support are provided in a big wide-bodied hanger.
Everywhere we went we were treated with extreme kindness and especially by the officials at the following places: the museum; planetarium; the ferry; the Palm House in Sefton Park; the driver on the open air bus tour.
An open air bus met the Ryan Air jet that carried the victorious team back from Scotland where they beat favourites Italy 2-1 in the final on Friday night.
The runways have been constructed according to international standards where big planes like Air Bus 380 will be able to land.
Tender are invited for - Compressor For Air Bus Laz Type A183d1 (Engine - Deutz 2013 Lo6 4V) - Specification No.
He said that Iran Air can resume the flights with its Boeing 747 passenger planes and Mahan Air also has three long-distance Air Bus jets which can be used for the same purpose.
The Air Bus experts in France would decode the box and would determine the actual cause of the crash.
Speakers include Rob Bray from Air bus, who is the deputy wing architect for the A350 composite wing that will be manufactured at Broughton in Flintshire and Tony Willen bruch, from the Society of British Aerospace Companies, who will be talking about the aerospace and defence knowledge transfer network.
Dara at RAF St Athan 2,000 jobs, Sony at Bridgend packing their bags and leaving us, Dairy Gold at Ceredigion 150 jobs, Air Bus at Broughton 7,000 jobs at risk if the Franco-German consortium goes ahead.
Unit II Dismantling the existing worn out & damaged hot air duct and fabrication, supply of modular hot air duct (from main hot air bus to mill end) erection, testing and commissioning in Unit II Mill 2E & 2F during capital overhaul for the year 2015 -16.
Quetta, June 28, 2009 (Frontier Star) --PIA flight from Quetta to Karachi emergently landed in Quetta after catching fire in the air bus here on Sunday.
ONE of the launch customers for the A380 jumbo air bus -wings for which are being made in North East Wales -is to delay plans to introduce the giant jet by more than a year.
Sam lives in Toulouse with his parents where his father works for an Air Bus company.