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a bubble of air

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This newly found form of air bubble -- which the scientists have named the separated vortex ring -- is physically detached from the bristles and is stabilised by air flowing through it.
Apart from this, Apaar Packaging is the only company in India that manufactures 2500mm width air bubble sheet, to reduce the wastage at the customer level.
At the time t = 10 ms single air bubble is entrained in deeper water layers.
Air Embolisms can also occur if air bubbles or other gases enter the bloodstream.
Hydrophilic particles that do not attach to the air bubbles continue to move down through the teeter bed and eventually settle into the dewatering cone.
After completing the phacoemulsification, the anterior chamber (AC) was partially filled by air bubble (Figure 1) and the main corneal incision was closed temporary by single 10/0 Nylon suture.
However, in reality, no damage is being done to one's joints - it is just an air bubble forming!
While this eliminated banding solution accumulation at the bottom of the capsules, increasing viscosity during drying did not prevent air bubble formation.
Hydraulic, mechanical, chemical and nuclear power engineering encounters the phenomenon of air bubble entrainment.
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Pillow Pak anti-static air cushion film can be used to create 24-inch wide, just-in-time air bubble packaging to protect products during shipping.
The dome contains an air bubble that is continually filled with air from an onboard tank.
This 0.5 ml of inactivated influenza vaccine comes in a prepacked syringe with an air bubble. (1) Some registered nurses (RNs) remove the air bubble and some do not.
That's good news for the fish: "Biologists from Caltrans have not identified any injured fish with the air bubble curtains in use during pile driving."