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an air-filled sac near the spinal column in many fishes that helps maintain buoyancy

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When a fish is caught in deep water and reeled to the surface, the sudden change in pressure may cause its air bladder to overinflate.
But it won't be easy: Unlike fish, which show up on sonar because they have air bladders, squid are harder to find.
As part of the project Arrow Medical designed a series of RF welding techniques to produce the inflatable air bladders from medical grade polyurethane, then bond all the layers into a single piece.
We had to pull every stool off of the wall on the ground floor and put in air bladders to stop Category 3 water [which contains sewage and other contaminants] from backing up into our facility," Olberding explains.
Close to the back, and on each side, of the helmet are the air bladders that simulate a direct hit, just like the playing vests.
The AirHeel brace has two interconnected air bladders.
THE black stuff is clarified with isinglass - a form of gelatine made from the air bladders of fish.
The air bladders flex to allow the user to work through their neurological tone to reach muscle inhibition, putting the user in control of the gradual increase toward extension.
s LiftPack backpacks contain proprietary air bladders that allow them to conform to the natural curve of the spine.