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an air-filled sac near the spinal column in many fishes that helps maintain buoyancy

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You get the safe, the mounting plate with inflatable air bladder, the cable to secure it to the car seat frame, the interface between the safe and the mounting plate, and then, of course, the RFID chips.
The GRF sensor only measured force along the vertical axis from the ground by measuring pressure changes within the air bladders. The tangential GRF was assumed to be negligible, because the magnitude of the vertical force is about 20 times more than both the lateral shear force and progressional shear force during walking [54, 55].
If the fish cannot resubmerge, vent additional gas from the fish's air bladder as described above.
The Air Bladder Transmission Jack eliminates the need for costly hoist or transmission jack.
Therefore, an attempt has been made in the present study to understand the activity levels of these phosphatases in the gill and air bladder tissues of fresh air-breathing catfish, Mystus cavasius.
"I had an idea to incorporate an air bladder, just like the airplane one where you go 'poof' and it inflates immediately," Discovery News quoted Dorian as saying in an interview for a Billabong video.
Giving us company were various parts of various sea creatures, from fish maw ( the air bladder that helps fish to maintain their balance in the sea) to duck gizzard.
"Our buses ride on an air bladder of sorts," says spokesman Andy Vobora.
(Tip: leaving the air bladder intact extends the duration of convulsive twitches.) The entire array is twitched side to side and raised occasionally, for attraction and to draw hesitant fish higher in the water column.
And if you already have an AC/DC air compressor handy, you can push a lot of water this way wherever you need it--even with a portable air bladder!
MAN O' WAR is so named for its air bladder, which looks similar to the triangular sails of the Portuguese ship Caravela latina (man-of-war) of the 15th and 16th centuries.
The heart of these products is a lightweight air bladder made of a plastic resin that is fed data from pressure sensors and a controlled air valve system in simulating the playing environment.
By using this unique air bladder to adjust their buoyancy, or ability to float, rattails can root around the seafloor in search of food.
The 165-ton clamp is precisely controlled with four hydraulic pistons instead of the typical air bladder. The platens are run by servo motors and incorporate a shuttle mechanism on the lower platen.
methodology in the form of an air bladder mounted within the frame to