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an air-filled sac near the spinal column in many fishes that helps maintain buoyancy

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The science behind the AffloVest offers several advantages over the older technology air bladder vests that use hoses and loud, heavy air generators which were originally introduced in the 1980's.
The Air Bladder Transmission Jack eliminates the need for costly hoist or transmission jack.
methodology in the form of an air bladder mounted within the frame to
A hydraulically powered grapple (driven by vegetable oil, not hydraulic fluid) grabs the tree, and the sub screws a large air bladder to the trunk and inflates it.
The air bladder in Nike shoes is their main iconic image and the next step would be to have the shock- absorbing cushion inserted in the calf with the logo tattooed onto the skin.
added the Healthy Choice Collection featuring a urethane air bladder that is only 3 inches thick, about half the conventional thickness, with a pump for adjusting hardness.
Metal springs used to retract lugs are replaced by non-metallic springs for most applications, resulting in fewer components and eliminating the major cause of air bladder failure.
A softball-sized air bladder is located here, and a solid shot into the air bladder will take much of the fight out of even the largest gar.
Sonar, of course, identifies gamefish by marking the air bladder.
Bayer's seat concept integrates a multi-compartment TPU air bladder with a rigid base or seat pan.
Comfortaire, an airbed company, has tailored its products to include a 3-inch-thick urethane air bladder, less than one-half the thickness of conventional air bladder.
DeRoyal Industries has introduced the Pucci Air-T Inflatable Hand Orthosis that provides continuous, gentle, low stretch therapy to the contracted hand, through inflation of an internal air bladder.
One means of cushioning this impact is an air bladder made from TPU.
The Snore Activated Nudging Pillow has an integrated microphone that picks up the sonic vibrations of snoring and automatically inflates an internal air bladder 3"-just enough to roust a sleeper into moving his or head to ameliorate snoring.
It also has an air bladder that bursts because of the rapid change in pressure when it is reeled to the surface.