air bag

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a safety restraint in an automobile

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Honda admitted there is a problem with the first replacement front passenger air bag inflator it installed on the affected units.
The recall involves defective inflators in Takata air bags that may deploy improperly during crashes, shooting metal fragments into the driver and passengers.
The case is another in a long list of problems with auto industry air bags, including faulty and potentially deadly Takata air bag inflators.
The 2019 ( air bag inflator recall is an extension of the 2014 recall that replaced the ammonium nitrate with a moisture-absorbing chemical that was thought to be safe.
The NHTSA said a component of the air bag could become contaminated and cause it not to deploy in a crash.
POLICE pulled over a "death trap" car - which had a broken bonnet and TAPED UP air bags.
Toyota, Subaru, Mazda and BMW agreed to pay $553 million to settle consumer claims over recalled Takata air bags in multidistrict litigation consolidated in Miami federal court, plaintiffs counsel announced Thursday.
All of the 72,885 UK vehicles affected were manufactured between April 2006 and August 2015, with those recalled over air bag concerns produced between October 2008 and August 2012.
The recalls mark the latest expansion of a safety crisis over defective Takata air bags that began in 2009 and has involved the recall of some 24 million vehicles fitted with 28 million Takata inflators.
The Takata air bag recall now spans 14 automotive companies and about 24 million vehicles.
and 22 million worldwide because of the air bag problem.
A recent recall of automobile air bags, paired with the ongoing West Coast port crisis in the United States, has provided another boon to airfreight charter flights from Japan, much like what happened to eastbound traffic from Asia to North America during peak season.
No one was seriously hurt when an air bag deployed on Dec.
Toyota's action follows a recall by rival Honda Motor Co for the same problem two weeks ago after revelations of a fifth death, in Malaysia, linked to Takata's air bag inflator.