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a safety restraint in an automobile

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Counterfeit air bags might look like the real deal, but they perform much differently.
The Takata air bag recall now spans 14 automotive companies and about 24 million vehicles.
to date have been killed by exploding Takata air bags, and 10 different automakers have recalled vehicles with the Takata air bags that are on either the driver's or passenger's side of the vehicle.
Under NHTSA oversight, Takata is testing air bag inflators to determine the scope of the defect and to search for the root cause.
Takata is struggling to make enough replacement air bag inflators to handle the smaller regional recalls and likely will have trouble supplying demand for a nationwide recall.
7 million car owners in the country to get the air bags fixed, following concerns that a defect in air bags are causing death and serious injury to the driver or passengers.
For example, a California lawyer says that a fourth driver, Hai Ming Xu, 47, was killed in September last year by an air bag that ruptured in his 2002 Acura.
In each case, the air bags are made by Japanese supplier Takata.
The company further said that the power steering assist function could also become inoperable, if the air bag control module is damaged, making the vehicles difficult to turn.
On the sixth day of the sixth month, we are pleased to celebrate doubling the size of our Anion nylon 6,6 air bag fiber manufacturing facility," says Jeff Brown, executive vice president Invista Performance Surfaces & Matedals.
The air bags may deploy in error when the car is moving as the heater coolant may leak and affect a computer controlling the air bag, or the air bags may fail to deploy in the event of a collision, according to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
Mortality reduction in collisions with air bag deployment has been estimated to be as high as 25% to 30% in frontal crashes, (2-7) although recent studies have reported a reduction in mortality risk of less than 10%.
Car-maker Honda has invented an air bag that inflates twice as quickly and reduces the impact of a crash.
Tokyo, Japan, Apr 4, 2007 - (JCN) - Honda will release the Goldwing Motorcycle with air bag on May 31.
In theory, air bag litigation should be assigned to the ranks of cases like those involving breast implants and intrauterine devices--cases that faded away as the products got safer or were removed from the marketplace.