air attack

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an attack by armed planes on a surface target


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He admitted under questioning that he had undergone air attack training in Malaysia, as part of a group of ten terrorists.
Air attack which targeted was carried out by the MIG fighters many houses and working places were severely hit in Jhasim neighborhood of Raqqa.
Russia has said it is very concerned about reports of an Israeli air attack deep inside Syria near Damascus and that any such action, if confirmed, would amount to unacceptable military interference in the war-ravaged country.
An Israeli air attack killed a Palestinianfighter in the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday when he and others tried to launch a rocket or mortar shell towards Israel, the Israeli army and Palestinian sources said.
The air attack, near the town of Khan Younis, comes after a spate of violence along Israel's border with Gaza in the past week.
There were also worried calls home during a fierce air attack on London.
The fast mover passed the air attack about 500 feet below that aircraft.
Washington did not specifically warn Hawaii of an air attack, as they did not expect an air attack on Hawaii.
Secretary General Ban Ki Moon is disturbed by the ''extensive and escalating'' violations of the cease-fire in Sri Lanka, which now include an air attack this week by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, he said Tuesday.
Last year, Newbury Park gave Rio Mesa fits with its air attack in a 54-13 blowout, but that was with seniors at quarterback and receiver.
With] more survivable air attack engagements or faster destruction of enemy ground forces during a close-air support mission, the benefits are easily recognized.
A lower-ranking militant was also killed in the Israeli air attack.
AN artillery barrage and air attack on Fallujah killed four people and injured six others yesterday.
The equipment allows communications to be shuttled quickly across multiple transmission lines, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk from air attack.