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belonging to or on behalf of a specified person (especially yourself)


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organizations, m ainly the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC),
Thus, it can be concluded that the use of NaOH as a precipitation reagent has ainly resulted in the occurrence of a disordered [alpha]-form Ni[(OH).sub.2] or a nickel hydroxide having features of both [alpha] and [beta] phases.
However their profits have fallen further below the 2005-levels ainly due to significant LLP, it said.
Simon Ainly, North-East regional manager for the YHA, admits foot-and-mouth was a factor in the decision.
ainly it was his lofted inswinger that caused the most difficulties for the Boro backline, but it was a dinky, low number he sent in after just six minutes that almost saw Stuart Parnaby putting through his own net.
Political discrimination against minorities in Asian countries intensified before 1975 ainly because of political repression against rebellious minorities in Burma, Indonesia, India, and elsewhere ut then gradually subsided to its 1950 level.
It is cert ainly true that Scott and the Ballantyne business, which he undoubtedly controlled, was under-capitalized and survived on maximum borrowing, and that this was increasing as Abbotsford grew.
But these materials can cert ainly play a role in replacing some of the traditional components of particleboard.
Overshadowed historically by Michelangelo before and Giambologna in the generation after, he came to be associated m ainly with one much criticized project, the Neptune Fountain in Piazza della Signoria in Florence.
Finally, the neglect of Popper in organizational analysis cert ainly can also be traced back to the different level at which he introduced his ideas.
Methodologically, it would cert ainly be more prudent to simply refrain from raising issues that have little possibility of resolution.
For 2001 it is almost cert ainly the case that our October 2000 forecast will be worse than that generated by the feasible naive model.