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Synonyms for aimlessness

the quality of lacking any definite purpose

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Packed with marvellous offbeat touches like the black hole under the seat of Eugene's car that's forever sucking in sunglasses and route maps, the enigmatic owner (Tom Waits) of a hippy commune around which bizarre miracles occur, and Will Arnett as a suicide-addicted cult leader, it's a wry spin on teen alienation and aimlessness.
Fantastic in tone, Eva Luna possesses the gravity of social commentary, the excitement of a thriller and, yes, the garrulous aimlessness of a drunken monologue.
Puzzled about who it might be,he rang the number but gave up after a minute because of the slow speed and aimlessness of the recording -and his next call was to trading standards.
His lingering aimlessness, paradoxically connected with his obsessive quest to reunite with Daisy, is highlighted both literally and symbolically in his motorcycle racing.
The film captures the intense aimlessness of young adulthood very nicely, when boy-men with little inkling of what they could be doing with their lives waste a lot of energy, emotion and sense on useless pursuits.
The problems of child abuse, depression, poverty and aimlessness affecting young people not only in the United States but worldwide today has reached epidemic proportions.
3) As Thomas Strychacz succinctly puts it, "George and the `American wife' seem gripped by a deep-rooted anomie born of their aimlessness .
Is any politician, especially the family man in Number Ten, concerned about the peddling of sex on TV, the promotion of drink-until-you-throw-up-and-have-mindless-sex holidays and the general aimlessness and emptiness of young lives?
Since then, whatever the merits and demerits of the singing and the glories of the Met orchestra under James Levine, the music has taken second place to the aimlessness onstage, which became a congeries of individual turns loosely strung together.
Thomas has abandoned his post and his lectures at the university in an effort to lose himself in wandering, in aimlessness, possibly to end it all.
We misadventurers are not alone, however, and we come by our aimlessness honestly.
It is impossible to embrace the aimlessness necessary for the experience if you are in turmoil, difficult to focus unless you have a home awaiting your return.
The accident, however, rather than killing her, ended up routing feeling altogether and Creta spends her days afterward living a life of aimlessness and prostitution.
This short novel suffers from a lingering sense of aimlessness which reaches its climax at the end.
They represent an aimlessness that strikes at the heart of English football.