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Synonyms for ail

be ill


  • be ill
  • be sick
  • be unwell
  • feel unwell
  • be crook
  • be indisposed
  • be or feel off colour

Synonyms for ail

to cause anxious uneasiness in

Synonyms for ail

be ill or unwell

Related Words

cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed

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More than 900,000 em ail attachments on force email accounts were viewed by officers from the professional standards department to determine if they were ``appropriate'' documents to be sent on police computers.
``We now have policies in place to prevent this kind of behaviour and all staff are now aware that anyone breaching the em ail policy will face the severest of
The Daily Post quoted an em ail sent to staff by Helen Wells, the chief immigration officer, which admitted JLA was ``woefully equipped'' to deal with suspected criminals and illegal immigrants.
Mrs McGraa, who lives in Wirral, was working on a temporary contract at the time she received the em ail with an explicit image in June this year.
He added: ``It wasn't explicitly stated that employees could not use their em ail accounts for non Merseyside police business but it was always explicitly stated that they could not use their accounts for grossly offensive images.
Following the discovery, which is currently being investigated, senior police officers began poring over the computers and em ail accounts of every staff member.
p Finding the source of each em ail and looking at who they were sent to and when.
A CHESHIRE company that produces software to combat junk em ail has won a lucrative contract with the Sydney Opera House.
Computer staff will be working this weekend to get Wrexham Maelor hospital's em ail system working again,after it collapsed on Tuesday.
``I receive em ails from places you wouldn't think would have Radio Wales listeners,like the Wrexham fan from Rhosddu who listens in the desert conditions of Dubai in a heat of 42C,'' she said.
Jean Primrose Whyte's knowledge of the life and times of the AIL began in 1944 when she was one of the first batch of 49 candidates to sit the preliminary examination of the Institute.
The B-1 Special Program Office (SPO) has received a plan from AIL Systems, Inc.
In other words, dolphins, porpoises, humpbacks, orcas, and ail other whales are close kin of cows, horses, pigs, and related barnyard stock.
Key to the success of the June 18 examinations will be how well ALQ-161A developer AIL Systems addressed two problems it revealed during last February's critical design review.
Assistant Chief Constable Grahame Barker is investigating 22 constables and support staff over the nature of material found in their Merseyside Police em ail account.