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an airfoil that controls lateral motion

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So far, about $150 million of Mathile's money has gone to expand and endow Aileron, whose goal is to help owners shorten their learning curves.
The lessons learned includes the explanation for the aileron failure and the importance of abiding by recommended maximum single-engine-recovery weights.
The Company holds projects comprising prospective tenements in the Gawler Craton and Curnamona Craton of South Australia and the new confirmed, highly prospective IOCG Aileron Province geology in the Northern Territory.
Luckily the aircraft has a backup set of ailerons, and no-one was hurt.
The size and geometrical aspect of the individual control aileron are shown in Figure 1.
Ogden Air Logistics Center personnel at Hill Air Force Base, Utah--the ALC responsible for repairing the T-38-asked for help once officials determined approximately 1,600 left and right aileron actuator levers were needed immediately.
For the purposes of this study, the elevator and aileron control surface aerodynamic data has been split into two parts corresponding to left and right surfaces using CFD computations.
In Edwards' Integrated Facility for Avionics Systems Test, Reilly sat in the Raptor simulator to perform a takeoff, a loop, some aileron rolls, and high-speed flight.
For example, when purchasing ailerons, the Air Force did not obtain sales information for the aileron or similar items to justify Boeing's proposed price and did not consider DCMA analyses that showed a much lower price was warranted.
Corsoft Aileron is an e-mail client and service for Palm OS devices.
What's more, for the same amount of deflection that a conventional aileron provides, the deformable wing edge produced greater torque for turning the aircraft, the researchers report in an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Intelligent Materials Systems and Structures.
Aileron, which was launched into the marketplace in January2002, is one of a suite of their Internet software-specific products.
As Howmet was awarded an $8 million contract to supply new side-of-body and aileron titanium casting contracts (including the all-new arresting gear) for the F-22 Raptor jet fighter in late January, William Lahavich, Howmet's director of airframe sales/marketing, said a growing number of airframe components are being converted to castings.
When the aileron is up on one wing and down on the other, the airflow -- and therefore the pressure -- changes.