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Synonyms for ail

be ill


  • be ill
  • be sick
  • be unwell
  • feel unwell
  • be crook
  • be indisposed
  • be or feel off colour

Synonyms for ail

to cause anxious uneasiness in

Synonyms for ail

be ill or unwell

Related Words

cause bodily suffering to and make sick or indisposed

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AIL is moderately integrated within BTK, which mainly controls AIL's credit and liquidity risks through periodic committees.
Following the model of the UK Library Association, in 1938 the AIL, under the leadership of John Metcalfe, began working towards the establishment of a national system of examinations which came to fruition in 1944.
To avoid getting in trouble down the line as a result of delivering assistance in living (AIL) services in existing independent living units, ask yourself six tough questions now, and answer them from the perspective of the years 2005 through 2010:
One source also claimed that the band-7/8 coverage provided by the -56M is not necessary for use with an FOTD, thus reducing the cost of ownership for the self-protection system being pitched by AIL.
In the recent study, Okada and his colleagues found that ail artiodactyls are not equally related to whales, as paleontologists have long maintained.
Dros y blynyddoedd fe aeth Ail Symudiad yn 'chydig bach rhy saff a chanol y ffordd a roedd rhywun yn tueddu i son am Ail Symudiad yng nghyd destun y senglau cynnar hynny.
Highly- placed sources in the hospital told M AIL T ODAY that the hospital is left with no money for the last two months of the financial year.
Cafodd ei ddewis i'r tim o ddau wedi iddo ddod yn ail yn nghystadleuaeth 'Premier Young Butcher' y Ffederasiwn Masnachwyr Cig a Bwyd Cenedlaethol y llynedd.
MAE teitlau'r caneuon yn codi chwilfrydedd yn syth, ond yn fwy na hynny maent yn dwyn i gof un felodi hyfryd ar l y llall ac yn eich hatgoffa o'r catalog swmpus o waith y mae Ail Symudiad wedi'i greu dros y blynyddoedd.
CRISIL's rating on the non-convertible debenture programme (NCD) of Air India Ltd (AIL) continues to reflect the strength of the credit enhancement facility provided by a comprehensive, unconditional, and irrevocable guarantee from the Government of India (GoI) through the Ministry of Civil Aviation, and a trustee-administered payment mechanism.
More than 900,000 em ail attachments on force email accounts were viewed by officers from the professional standards department to determine if they were ``appropriate'' documents to be sent on police computers.
The effort, completed by AIL Systems 24 months ahead of schedule, converted early ALQ-161 production systems to a single production base line configuration; completed previously identified Correction of Deficiency (COD) work; and restored CORE Program engineering models to the base line configuration.
UN o jocs cyson Ail Symudiad yw mai nhw yw'r grwp gorau yn Heol Dinbych y Pysgod, Aberteifi.