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ornamental tagged cord or braid on the shoulder of a uniform

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In the first instance, which I will term the "aiguillette scenario," women spectators would have been presented with the traditional costuming of the redeemed Mary in simple cope, but with the addition of a red cord.
The official name for the braid is "aiguillette," but he's thinking his boys neva like that name, plus it's too big for the mouth.
During this time, prospective RDCs wear "blue ropes," which they will later exchange for the more familiar red aiguillette of a fully trained RDC.
Regulations authorized wear of the aiguillette, an item of military ornamentation and the international symbol of the military attache, in 1910.
Even though he wore the distinctive Signal Corps emblem on his garrison hat and the aiguillette on his seldom-worn Class A uniform, he worked daily in the FCS filter center.
Among the useful horses campaigned by the couple have been Petty Cash and her daughter Centime (dam of Bunbury Cup winner Captain Nick), plus Aiguillette. Broodmares they have kept include prolific winner Misty Halo, who raced in the colours of Mary's mother, Lady Macdonald Buchanan, and is grand-dam of Grade 3 winner Islay Mist and the useful Needwood Blade.
Locally, the nouement de l'aiguillette (literally "the knotting of the cord") became one of the most feared incantations allegedly practiced by clerical and lay sorcerers.
And for the first time he wore the insignia of his new position of the Queen's personal aide-de-camp: cyphers bearing EIIR - the Queen's insignia - on his shoulder straps along with a gold Aiguillette on his right shoulder.
The uniforms came from a Milburn estate in Northumberland and include three blue jackets with red collars, cuffs and pockets, aiguillettes and brass buttons, plus three red felt and gold braided waistcoats, and three pairs of brown plush breeches.
Best man Prince Harry, a newly-promoted captain in the Blues and Royals, which is a mounted regiment of the Household Cavalry, wore his blue tunic, aiguillettes, a cross belt and gold waist belt with sword slings, but no sword.