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a long plume (especially one of egret feathers) worn on a hat or a piece of jewelry in the shape of a plume


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Nidification de l'Aigrette garzette Egretta garzetta dans la retenue de barrage d'Al Massira-Layoune en 2009.
Cuthbert was chiefly after the egrets' nuptial head plumage, called aigrettes in the fashion press.
At totality (Figure 21): 'Very roughly the Corona was like a band or ribbon of light, stretching from left of up to right of down, about the same width as the sun's diameter, with comparatively tiny aigrettes shooting out at the poles ...
The aircraft landed in Mauritius on December 20 at 1730 hours local time The new aircraft is named after Ile aux Aigrettes, a nature reserve inlet anchored about 800 meters (875 yards) off the southeast coast of Mauritius.
Here on display are several elaborately-ornate crowns and decorative thrones, tiaras, numerous aigrettes, bejeweled swords and shields, a vast number of unset precious gems, numerous plates and other dining services cast in precious metals.
But a short boat ride to Illes des Aigrettes shows what the island looked like before the sailors arrived.
The heroes with black hair and blue eyes were wearing double dragon belt buckles made from Arctic copper high boots made of unpolished soft fawn calfskin shirts of linen dyed with saffron red ear-lapping fox-fur caps with blue waving aigrettes cloaks made of blue and gold tassels cherkesskas with chest bandoliers of burnished brass rifle cartridges sgians with glass pommels in leather sheaths on gold braid galloons penannular bronze cloakclasps with inlaid affronted writhing beasts T-shirts with big Iggy transfers printed on them and leopard-skin pillbox hats.
With regard to memory, two images from Orhan's novels stand out in my mind--one, of the drained Bosporus from The Black Book, the other, of the treasury of the Topkapi Palace from My Name Is Red--descriptions like this: A strange light, the likes of which I'd never seen, shone on the cloth, the boxes, the caftans of sultans, swords, the huge pink candles, the wound turbans, pillows embroidered with pearls, gold filigree saddles, diamond-handled scimitars, ruby-handled maces, quilted turbans, turban plumes, curious clocks, ewers and daggers, ivory statues of horses and elephants, narghiles with diamond-studded tops, mother-of-pearl chests of drawers, horse aigrettes, strands of large prayer beads, and helmets adorned with rubies and turquoise.
On her fat, coarse hands more of the biggest diamonds and emeralds, her head a ridiculous mass of diamond necklaces sewn together, a snood of blue and black pompons and black osprey aigrettes.
Le jour ou les sirenes lachent leurs aigrettes de valeur et leurs cris d'accouchees sur les echos des docks [...] (AA, p.
Wealthy Protestant matrons, on the other hand, debated the cruelty inherent in the fashion of the day; in one of the most interesting chapters of the book, Joselit describes in detail the establishment of the Audubon Society as part of a campaign to protest the destruction of aigrettes, rare birds whose feathers adorned fashionable hats.
This shocked much of middle-class Paris, but it was time for a change and even his designs of aigrettes and pantaloons, reminiscent of harem costumes, were worn in bright colours for the first time.