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a long plume (especially one of egret feathers) worn on a hat or a piece of jewelry in the shape of a plume


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Guide des herons du monde - aigrettes - bihoreaux - butors - herons - onores.
The star's first costume was a jewel-studded 'carnation pink jacket' over trousers in 'watered blue and green taffeta', with his turban finished with an aigrette held by an impressive emerald.
It was apparently a favorite of his as an official photograph (see picture at left) of the monarch in uniform shows the jewel affixed to his military cap pinioning his aigrette.
The aigrette can be worn as a delicate bandeau topped with feathers or as a brooch or necklace.
Une conscience partielle de l'eblouissement se propage, au hasard de la tenue de ville usitee dans les auditions d'apres-midi: pose, comme le bruit deja de cymbales tombe, au filigrane d'or de minuscules capotes, miroite en le jais; mainte aigrette luit divinatoire.
Her little son, as soon as I offered to sketch him, was hurried away to change his cotton chapkan or coat, for one of green velvet, richly embroidered in gold, with an aigrette of jewels in gold cap.
Djumama valiantly gave chase but was well beaten in second with Aigrette Garzette third and Navarra Queen in fourth.
Upon her head she wore a bright red wig, and about her head she fastened an imitation but entirely gorgeous aigrette" (McAlmon 1992, 10).
ALONE: When Frankie Hoboro's boyfriend left she found herself in charge of paradise in the shape of Ile aux Aigrette nature reserve
By May the stems will be putting on height and may need supporting with a cane, especially if you're growing tall varieties such as Aigrette, which produces strong stems up to 3ft tall with huge petal-packed frilled blooms up to 5in across in shades of white, pink, crimson, carmine rose and salmon.
"SI / La lucide et seigneuriale aigrette de vertige / au front invisible/ scintille / puis ombrage / une stature mignonne tenebreuse debout / en sa torsion tie sirene /le temps /de souffleter / par d'impatientes squames ultimes bifurquees / un roc / faux manoir / tout de suite / evapore en brumes / qui imposa / une borne a l'inflni." (Mallarme, Oeuvres 470-71)
One aigrette from the eighteenth century is quite baroque in its glorious excess, with a ruby and two emeralds--all unfaceted and enormous--surrounded by a constellation of faceted large diamonds and two pearls, and two fine diamond-and-ruby wings on either side literally dripping with small emeralds.
A jewel very like Lucretia's pendant is worn as a brooch or aigrette on the hat of the man portrayed by Titian circa 1552, the Portrait of a Captain in Kassel [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 13 OMITTED].(41)