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a long plume (especially one of egret feathers) worn on a hat or a piece of jewelry in the shape of a plume


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The couple signed up for joint wardership of the idyllic, tiny Ile aux Aigrettes, off Mauritius, but after three months the boyfriend left and Frankie was left in charge of three conservation volunteers and sometimes the whole island for days at a time.
By May the stems will be putting on height and may need supporting with a cane, especially if you're growing tall varieties such as Aigrette, which produces strong stems up to 3ft tall with huge petal-packed frilled blooms up to 5in across in shades of white, pink, crimson, carmine rose and salmon.
A jewel very like Lucretia's pendant is worn as a brooch or aigrette on the hat of the man portrayed by Titian circa 1552, the Portrait of a Captain in Kassel [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 13 OMITTED].
They carried a conch-shell, a rosary, a thutha [begging bowl] and a mace and wore a peacock-feather aigrette.
He gave "Madama Belfort," Lucy Harington, countess of Bedford, an aigrette set with 106 diamonds "entre grandes y pequenos" (some big, some small) and valued "con el oro y hechura en 1800 escudos" (at 1800 ducats, gold and work included).
Other attractive accessories include a scent bottle and a mysterious collection of enamelled gold handles wrought in various designs, with empty sockets intended for the feathers of either a fan or an aigrette.
Djumama finished well to take second place, with the Peter Schiergen pair Aigrette Garzette and Navarra Queen in third and fourth.
Among the mostly European gems is this 18thcentury aigrette which would have been worn with coloured feathers to decorate an elaborate, powdered hairstyle (Fig.
So doves come, a spotted turkey, iguana and lately a pair of trogons to sit like lords on the ruin where rocks flake away in rain and birdshit in which seeds set, shell-stripped in the bellies of the birds or wind-sown, sending up stem and aigrette into unkind light and wind while the colorless thread-thin roots force cracks in the capstones to give way, rain and sunbake dissolving mafic bonds as the exposure vesicles inward
However, I don't think anything will top the view I had as we made our way through the turquoise waters off the south east coast to the tiny island of Ile aux Aigrettes.
Cuthbert was chiefly after the egrets' nuptial head plumage, called aigrettes in the fashion press.
At totality (Figure 21): 'Very roughly the Corona was like a band or ribbon of light, stretching from left of up to right of down, about the same width as the sun's diameter, with comparatively tiny aigrettes shooting out at the poles .
The aircraft landed in Mauritius on December 20 at 1730 hours local time The new aircraft is named after Ile aux Aigrettes, a nature reserve inlet anchored about 800 meters (875 yards) off the southeast coast of Mauritius.
Here on display are several elaborately-ornate crowns and decorative thrones, tiaras, numerous aigrettes, bejeweled swords and shields, a vast number of unset precious gems, numerous plates and other dining services cast in precious metals.