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a memorandum summarizing the items of an agreement (used especially in diplomatic communications)

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This set of aides-memoire has been validated by nine auditors who are either the quality managers of reputable companies, registered auditors of registration bodies, or quality professionals in technical institutes.
Eventually he can't walk the streets of New York without seeing a landmark that reminds him of a dead friend, of a time without dread, when things were innocent and gay, in the purest sense of that word: "The city was becoming mined with these architectural aides-memoire; structural residue of vanished lives ..." The price of having loved and been loved.
It's a well thought out structure, the 71-year-old using still images to both explain how the numerous travel series were created and act as visual aides-memoires for his tales of faraway places (how many of us will ever see the Khyber pass?), thrilling experiences - riding the roof of a Sudanese train where a man with a kettle offers intrepid passengers tea or using "the number one toilet in heaven and earth", and strange customs.
These papers have the potential to educate, consolidate our knowledge, and become aides-memoires for those of us who subspecialize in the particular topics covered by individual papers.