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Synonyms for aide-memoire

a memorandum summarizing the items of an agreement (used especially in diplomatic communications)

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The aide-memoire was signed on behalf of the Bank by its Acting Vice-President and Secretary General, Olivier Pinzi, and the Secretary to the Treasury, Fredson Yamba, on behalf of Zambia at the end of the AfDB's preparatory mission to Lusaka from January 18 to 26, 2016.
P.'s volume, however, will provide a helpful aide-memoire for anyone looking for an overview of this period, while also serving as a useful teaching tool for undergraduate and graduate students who are exploring the pre-Nicene era for the first time.
"However, this accident demonstrates very well the importance of referring to such an aide-memoire rather than just ticking the boxes."
The Polish EU Presidency has put together an aide-memoire' setting out the objective, items up for debate and list of participants in the political conference on the Union's post-2013 multiannual financial framework (MFF), co-hosted with the European Parliament and the Commission, on 20-21 October.
Window Was (2002) and Aide-Memoire (2007), which was named a finalist
And Twombly's delicately rendered black square on another drawing is a tokenist aide-memoire reminding us of this touchstone of modernism.
For such a specialized and knowledgeable reader, then, this volume can be a useful reference to browse through to remind yourself of the more vivid and detailed language of Lewis and Tolkien that you already know well, and for which you just need a brief aide-memoire to refresh yourself.
This included ten key points that were considered necessary documentation for an operative procedure that formed the basis of an aide-memoire (Figure 2).
The volume is divided into five sections: Aide-Memoire, Ideograms, Narrations, Hymns and Polygonics.
This unique bumper book is more than just 450 pages of unrivalled products of all descriptions and usages in that it also, in true Denios tradition, serves as an holistic aide-memoire in terms of professional guidance through the minefield of all relevant laws and regulations as well as engineering expertise to match every industry and separate requirement.
"Thus, each leaf is an aide-memoire and as such contains the minimum text on explanation and derivation; instead it relies on graphical and diagrammatic presentation."
Ruth Bottoms, moderator of the conference, notes in her brief introduction that the collection of papers will serve as an aide-memoire to participants and provide a snapshot for those who were absent on current thinking within the ecumenical movement (p.
On average, they hit 109 compressions a minute with the help of the Bee Gees' aural aide-memoire.
Jamaica HIV/AEDS Prevention and Control Project: Aide-memoire of the Mid-Term Review Mission, April 25-29, 2005.