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Synonyms for aide-memoire

a memorandum summarizing the items of an agreement (used especially in diplomatic communications)

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The commitments and proposals made by both parties were formalized in an aide-memoire over the signatures of Prime Minister Bellerive and Mr.
The one poem in Aide-Memoire appears in landscape mode, instantly becoming reminiscent of Mallarme's notorious "Un coup de des.
Thus, each leaf is an aide-memoire and as such contains the minimum text on explanation and derivation; instead it relies on graphical and diagrammatic presentation.
Ruth Bottoms, moderator of the conference, notes in her brief introduction that the collection of papers will serve as an aide-memoire to participants and provide a snapshot for those who were absent on current thinking within the ecumenical movement (p.
On average, they hit 109 compressions a minute with the help of the Bee Gees' aural aide-memoire.
No explanation was offered in the ISR or relevant Aide-Memoire for either of these changes.
Jamaica HIV/AEDS Prevention and Control Project: Aide-memoire of the Mid-Term Review Mission, April 25-29, 2005.
Aide-Memoire from Identification Mission (September 2006)
As such it serves as an aide-memoire or quick reference text rather than as a textbook for those wishing to learn about echocardiography.
In fact, it is almost an aide-memoire that was abandoned in early 1615 and only occasionally taken up over the next 20 years, often to copy prints in libraries, such as Wilton, by such artists as Parmigianino--a reminder of the inscription by the 8th Earl of Pembroke in his album of Italian mannerist prints now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, that Jones was 'so fond of Parmegiano that he bought the Prints of the Imperfect Plates, which are now [i.
A lot of the information is in checklist form, which makes it useful for someone who already knows what to do but needs an aide-memoire for the details.