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unconcerned with or unrelated to history or to historical development or to tradition


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Certainly not, if we give the term an ahistorically modern definition.
Evolutionary literary theorists stand too close to the "objectivist realist" perspective, tending to treat literary texts ahistorically.
Ironically, Jacob Tierney's The Trotsky (2009) is guilty of both kinds of ideological distortion: it raises a non-problem, or a false problem, to the level of a true problem, while at the same time ahistorically representing the latter.
The satisfaction of needs is not done by humans ahistorically, but always takes place at a certain cultural and historical level with the means and methods that are present in the society at a certain degree of development of productive forces, and within some mode of production.
Chapnick asserts, for example, that English-Canadian nationalists of the 1960s "assumed, largely ahistorically, that economic integration was antithetical to foreign policy creativity.
Traditionally construed ahistorically, in terms of noble old man and compassionate youth, the values of this scene in 1599 were wholly different in tone.
This arrangement makes it possible to experience the material in different ways: historically by genre; by genre ahistorically; historically by author; ahistorically by author; and, any combination thereof.
The same tendency to read Faulkner ahistorically is noticeable in the emphasis reviewers placed on the alleged "mythical" elements in his novels.
Boredom can be epistemologically framed in a variety of ways, historically and ahistorically, as both the content and form of experience.
Indeed, emphasizing religious extremism as the only motivator of the plot encourages one to view the events ahistorically and simply as an expression of a fundamentalist movement within Islam that drives its adherents to homicidal violence against infidels.
Therefore he does not subscribe to the view that rabbinic sayings about modesty are ahistorically or eternally true but he rules that they can vary according to the social context.
80) The primary text sources for the resolution of this issue are varied and capable of widespread interpretations, but something like a distinction between first- and second-level truth conditions seems in order, with a metaphysical framework established through historical endeavor but true ahistorically.
Because opponents of globalization ahistorically think of non-Western cultures as static, they lament these cultures' encounters with Western culture.
In the case of the Cape Flats, which had low levels of literacy, such a verdict ahistorically overlooks a tradition of library service in which the live discussion, debate, and circulation of ideas precluded and included the use of books and libraries.
While one might doubt the validity of the divisions she postulates (one is a little put off by chapters ahistorically titled "supernatural sleuths" or "the usual suspects" and one might wonder about the decision to treat murderous mothers, infant corpses, and infanticide in separate chapters), this strategy allows McMahon to isolate substantive issues and treat them sequentially.