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unconcerned with or unrelated to history or to historical development or to tradition


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Greer said: "Wildly ahistorical - false" before responding to Reid's claim that Churchill is celebrated by everyone.
Ladaria's contention that a male-only priesthood belongs to the "substance of the sacrament" and cannot be changed because Christ instituted the sacrament is another example of the ahistorical nature of current Vatican formulations.
The terrible thing is that in 2016, "Hillary's America" could turn out to be just seething and ahistorical enough to be another preaching-to-the-pitchfork-choir D'Souza hit.
Such a reading of early modern texts, however, especially if it primarily reflects an investment in modern political concerns, runs the risk of being ahistorical. Gordon McMullans remarks in the volume's Foreword seem problematic in this regard: The Taming of a Shrew's Fernando, we are told, uses tactics that reduce 'Kate to pious recitation of Biblical antifeminism' (p.
In his "presentist," ahistorical approach to the text, Netzley swims against the stream of Renaissance apocalyptic thought.
I agree that more discussion about feminism is a good thing, but I think Hannah's comments exemplify a problematic shift toward ahistorical "feminisms," where, instead of a collective movement, there is a feminism for each individual, defined by themself, for themself.
Iran and the 5+1 group reached last week ahistorical agreement on its nuclear file.
It is both historical and ahistorical. It is historical because it charts the development and devolution of the idea of the human person.
Burke is, after all, a sharp critic of ideology based on abstract, ahistorical "principles." It is unfortunate that Samuelson should argue for treating Adams as a model for political conservatism by trying to make him look different from Burke in that respect.
Circuit Court had to say: "The IRS may not unilaterally expand its authority through such an expansive, atextual, and ahistorical reading of [the statute]." Harsh words for a formal court decision.
The institutional underrepresentation still exists; however, the intellectual ground has shifted, creating a mind/body split between intellect (conceived as an interior, ahistorical function of pure reason) and representation (viewed as an exterior expression of historically, culturally, and socially specific bodies).
The intervening chapters seek to demystify consumption, arguing that consumer culture is not reducible to capitalist production; that "ethical consumption" discourse unfairly privileges nonlocal ethical concerns, like climate change or GMOs, over local ones, like household provisioning and shopping on a budget; and that as long as economics is dominated by ahistorical models that eschew qualitative research, it'll generate systems antithetical to human welfare.
These may be all worthy criticisms of Tillich but the first two are ahistorical and the last, according to Yip's own research, unoriginal.
On the other end of the political spectrum, reactionaries and conservatives judged the Enlightenment as ahistorical and antitraditional, and believed it to be the ideological source of the godless French Revolution, Napoleon's hegemonic France, socialism, and much more.
Though Knitter's Buddhism is utterly ahistorical and quintessentially American, I actually find it reassuring that I cannot recognize it as Theravada or Mahayana or Vajrayana.