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unconcerned with or unrelated to history or to historical development or to tradition


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Netzley's ahistorical theme is explored in four chapters and the conclusion of the book: "Marvell's reconceptualization of the target of praise" (21),
Ahistorical feminisms that purport to know better than the women who were integral to creating the foundation of the movement are a reflection of an increasingly individualized, neo-liberal, youth-centric culture.
Samuelson's way of arguing for Adams's superiority to Burke exemplifies a philosophical weakness that seems ubiquitous and unavoidable in Claremont Institute circles: the assumption that moral universality or right must be ahistorical and abstract and different from, or in conflict with, a belief in the importance of tradition.
AHISTORICAL chance for miners to splash their cash has been brought to life.
These may be all worthy criticisms of Tillich but the first two are ahistorical and the last, according to Yip's own research, unoriginal.
On the other end of the political spectrum, reactionaries and conservatives judged the Enlightenment as ahistorical and antitraditional, and believed it to be the ideological source of the godless French Revolution, Napoleon's hegemonic France, socialism, and much more.
Not only is it unfair, it is ahistorical and misses the opportunity--very rare, in the case of Australian soldiers in occupied Japan--to learn from a participant's first-hand observation.
a Citing examples such as Stephen Craneas [title=book]The Red Badge of Courage[/title] and Ernest Hemingwayas [title=book]The Sun Also Rises[/title], Spiller explores the possibilities of using ahistorical imaginationsa to try different ways of expressing historical knowledge.
Though Knitter's Buddhism is utterly ahistorical and quintessentially American, I actually find it reassuring that I cannot recognize it as Theravada or Mahayana or Vajrayana.
Far from a senseless, ahistorical conflict, the current crisis, according to Mamdani, has its roots in the legacy of British imperialism, which introduced the dichotomy of "native" Africans versus "settler" Arabs to the region and created homelands for some tribes while leaving others landless; in the prolonged drought and desertification of the Sahel, which has caused landless tribes' encroachment on landed tribes' territories in an already resource-poor region; and in the continued legacy of the cold war, where a proxy war in Chad between Libya and Western powers (namely, France and the United States) helped militarize the nomadic Arab tribes that populate northern Chad and Darfur, and whose members now constitute much of the Janjaweed.
Such an ahistorical approach has given rise to a number of interpretations that cannot withstand analysis.
Similarly ahistorical are Idinopulos's references to "Jewish ritual orthodoxy" (pp.
For future editions to ignore or gloss over the texts' production histories," Young asserts in his concluding pages, "and the traces of surrounding cultural and social contexts generated therein, will mean creating new editions which are ahistorical at their core because they are ahistorical about themselves" (185).
Close analysis reveals that affirmative action has been decoupled from its historical roots, resulting in an ahistorical and acontexmal framing of the policy that misinforms the general public as well as scholars and political pundits.
aaaa aHistorical development of communications sector in Gordon 2.