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unconcerned with or unrelated to history or to historical development or to tradition


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Considering this panorama, and taking into account the warning made by Reguillo (2003) to not make the mistake of thinking of youth as a temporal, homogenous, ahistoric or fundamental continuum, it is clear that social and cultural research in the field of youth studies has also shifted towards places that problematize the most traditional conceptualizations and use constructivist, critical or complex discourses in which the youth condition is not just a "simple stage in a biological-biographical sequential line, but a socio-cultural construction that is historically defined (Rossi, 2006, p.
In recent years, ahistoric storytelling has added to the inevitable limitations of the medium.
To claim that art has no right to occupy public space in Beirut would be ahistoric foolishness.
Ahistoric, atmospheric farmhouse in the tiny hamlet of Suvay in the Abondance Valley, near the classic French ski resort of Chatel.
Jeffrey Pasley, for example, feels that McCullough's John Adams is an example of the "historical-figure-as celebrity school which takes figures of the past, even such seemingly un-sexy ones as John Adams, strips them down to essential character components and presents them--free of their historical context--to the public to be admired and celebrated" (Estes 2006, 14) and that the subjects that McCullough had chosen to write about concern "great men and events that most people have heard of, described in lively, human but stately prose that tastes full-bodied but goes down smooth" while David Waldstreicher goes even further, stating that McCullough's approach is ahistoric (Ibid.
Such ahistoric lapses are particularly surprising, given that Keesing in numerous other publications shows an acute awareness of the dynamic properties of culture traits (see for instance 1968, 1982b, 1989a; Keesing and Tonkinson 1982).
Far more preferable would be to confront the ahistoric, unending "War on Terror" enchantment with a much more real-politic, historically-resonant formulation of convivencia or co-existence among religious, economic and/or ethnic groups which existed in Spain and the Levant for centuries (Karabell 2007; Menocal 2002; Webster 2004; Wheatcroft 2003).
But on the other hand, as Hanssen writes, this "crossing of boundaries" also corresponds to "the redemption of ahistoric, mythic nature by a Jewish history of revelation" (1998, 43).
The post of BJP president for ahistoric second term seems to have been taken away from him at the very last moment
In this context, I claim that Islamism's ideological and normative aspects have been transformed as part of the movement's historical experiences, even though a considerable part of its contents relates to ideology and an ahistoric discourse.
Factfile Most cases of TB in the UK arecaught overseas in parts of the world where the disease is more prevalent, such as the Indian sub-continent; People born in those areas areat greatest risk as they are more likely to have been exposed to TB bacteria without realising it; The disease is often mostprevalent in deprived areas with large ethnic minority populations; Though TB is often considered ahistoric disease, rates remain stubbornly high; TB usually causes disease in thelungs, but can also affect other parts of the body; Transmission occurs throughcoughing infectious droplets, and usually requires prolonged close contact with an infectious case.
But does this mean that the ahistoric approach and the lack of reflexivity that have characterised activist-led 'protest' movements for many years now are simply inevitable?
While there is a surprising and ahistoric absence of racial prejudice in the book--no one ever expresses any disdain or lack of respect for any Native people--the Aboriginal brother is as taciturn as Tonto and, as the younger brother, a willingly subservient follower of his older brother's leadership.
This is not an entirely ahistoric idea, as Lenin and Castro did not have a great deal of popular support.