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the utterance of a sound similar to clearing the throat


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Wardan demanded that the government and President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi help the residents of Ahem by sending de-mining experts and protection for civilians.
According to Ahem, when people sort through their mail every day, they put it into three piles:
In fact, I thought about having a double, ahem, rollover.
Rangers fans giving it the full FTP and Fenian blood songbook along with some other, ahem, Irish folk classics.
Cornerback Antrel Rolle had two career interceptions before the game, but played a starring, ahem, role, by returning picks for touchdowns from 55 and 54 yards and adding a third interception of Carson Palmer late in the game.
These days 61-year-old Ferry's fans - Jerry included - are a little more, ahem, sedate.
So what did the actress, who's had, ahem, some experience with that, think of it all and the film as a cautionary tale?
Nearly a quarter century after his, ahem, "coming out"--on the world stage, that is--Morrissey enters another golden age.
Echoing the line taken by Taoiseach Bertie Ahem and his government, Fine Gael's Denis Naughten, the main opposition party's spokesman on agriculture, warned that the abolition of the CAP "will put food production at the mercy of factory farms, hypermarkets and dodgy imports that cannot be adequately scrutinised".
Atria Books/Washington Square Press editors Malaika Adero and Rosemary Ahem acquired Carl Hancock Rux's debut novel, Asphalt, at auction for six figures from Victoria Sanders and Imani Wilson of Victoria Sanders and Associates.
Ahem & Heussner, an advertising firm, renewed their lease at 322 Eighth Avenue for 4,900 square feet of office space.
The campaign is meant to, ahem, highlight Rational Software's products in a simple, clear manner.
CITY'S managing director Fletch 'Paul' Fletcher has surprised absolutely no-one by signing up for his own club's, ahem, 'fantastic' home and motor insurance.
JIMMY Calderwood flew all the way to Alexandria in Egypt to check on, ahem, facilities for a potential pre-season trip and tournament there for Aberdeen.
So anyway, she's too late: Plot-device ear-guy's body parts have been hidden like so many Easter eggs throughout her apartment and are discovered by the cop and his partner (who, ahem, becomes sweet on her) -- not a particularly swift team, it seems, as she handily escapes from them.