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Synonyms for ahem

the utterance of a sound similar to clearing the throat


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In fact, I thought about having a double, ahem, rollover.
You know how Becks allegedly managed to get off to sleep with the bold Ms Loos giving him, ahem, a helping hand with some juicy texts?
Whether describing his gay sexual awakening or his being HIV-positive, Campbell always has a punchy, poignant car anecdote to, ahem, drive home his point.
Well if one said she was once part of a very, ahem, successful pop group called Six, then want might give the game away.
At half-time, one of the boys slipped twocrushed Viagra tablets into his orange juice and, after an, ahem, rock solid second-half performance, the chap had to shower with the blokes who'd spent the afternoon accusing him of being light on his loafers.
Still whatever she wears it'll look, ahem, jean-ius
They're all at it - Tommy Tiernan, Katy French, and that, ahem, Government Minister and his mate, the, ahem.
and Phelps goes for his second gold at - ahem - 11 p.
ROBBIE Williams shows off his, ahem, ball control skills during a footie match in Los Angeles.
Soap bosses have plans to turn Tracy Barlow, played by Kate Ford, into a, ahem, lady of the night next year.
Imagine the populism of Adam Sandler's body of work, only lacking the, ahem, informed integrity.
The pair are seen getting rather, ahem, intimate but afterwards she discovers he is only 14 - by spotting him in his school uniform.
To be really honest, obnoxious B-Rad even kind of grows on a viewer after his, ahem, insecurities come out.
CAN everyone please stop giving Coleen Rooney a hard time for going out with her mates a few times since she's had little - ahem - Kai Wayne.
Just the ticket for women like Leslie who indulge in, ahem, rough sex.