ahead of time

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before the usual time or the time expected

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Baloran said that with this improved monitoring system, they can inform the public ahead of time on our coastal status and tide forecast.
They wont mind abandoning the appointment even if it's a deal worth millions!" On the contrary, in most of our African societies, it's almost a miracle when one arrives for a meeting ahead of time!Japanese project always ahead of timeStill on time-keeping, the Japanese always strive to complete projects well ahead of designated schedules.
'Since flight delays are given, disservice may still be turned into public service by informing the passengers ahead of time so they can be productive and not paralyzed by boredom while waiting for announcements in a congested area called NAIA,' Lacson wrote on Monday.
St Michael's believes young people need good advice and guidance, well ahead of time and the ability to make choices which reflect their interests and abilities
Another tip: Bake what you can ahead of time. "There are many holiday cookies that freeze beautifully," says Blatner.
The check-in feature is fully-automated, with prospective users required to drop their luggage off at least three hours ahead of time. Once the bags are taken away, travelers are given a ticket and seat reservation for the 35-minute MRT ride to the airport.
Before commencing fasting, it is important to speak with your doctor ahead of time to determine the treatment and correction methods you should use during your fasting period.
Local authorities concerned will also be responsible for the provision of security to candidates who fail to inform of their planned public rallies ahead of time. Moreover, all four chief secretaries also joined the meeting via video link.
Current forecasting of these "rivers in the sky" is limited to just a couple of weeks, but a new modeling study focusing on two notable tropical weather patterns has shown promise in extending the forecasting of atmospheric rivers to at least a month ahead of time. The research was recently published in Climate and Atmospheric Science, a Nature partner journal.
They don't care that passenger are also on the dangerous side of their live.Due to ahead of time also done that I have been seen many such accidents occurring with my own eyes our traffic police should make special modification on these matters and problems to improve the system and can be avoided by the loses of precious life.
Not only that but Christmas cards and other stuff are starting to appear in the shops two months ahead of time.
They alleged that the paper was leaked ahead of time and if the result was announced on basis of the test then it would be a injustice to deserving students.They pleaded with the court to set aside the test.
They can identify problems ahead of time and optimize their mixes, resulting in music that reaches the listener sounding exactly as originally intended."
And 88.2% of the 7,000 mental health patients polled had experienced stigma or discrimination, The study was carried out by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness ahead of Time to Talk Day today.