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affected by ague

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And not even the most brilliant scientists can calculate the aguish of emotional (and sometimes literal) captivity choking Iranians at home.
You can't imagine how perplexed and dejected I was while touring rural areas at country-sides, people are devastated, heart broken and depressed because some has lost entire family members in the war at the hands of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), and I could feel the aguish of grass roots people and the changes in their life style as well as sentiment for reprisal.
Because of these development people want to take to public protests to show their growing aguish against such ultra groups with the help of non-governmental organizations or other organisations now.
The Queen was constrained in a straitjacket; she had blistering ointments applied to her legs; she was immersed in ice-cold baths, a procedure 'which occasioned a considerable amount of resistance and was followed by an aguish fever and a great deal of agitation'.
But after enduring two months of heartbreaking aguish, doctors admitted it was an incorrect diagnosis.
And if vandals are to blame, they need to take a good look at themselves and think of the untold suffering and aguish they have caused to a pair of grieving parents.