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affected by ague

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Tension between Emily and the various members of her childhood family is something we can believe as is the interplay between Emily and the various players she meets following her leaving the farm and the anguish, anguish and aguish experienced there.
Similarly, her aguish against the municipal authorities stems from the fact that the BJP is in majority in the house of councillors.
The walks, which nature seems to have intended for solitude, shade, and silence, are filled with crowds of noisy people, sucking up the nocturnal rheums of an aguish climate.
And not even the most brilliant scientists can calculate the aguish of emotional (and sometimes literal) captivity choking Iranians at home.
You can't imagine how perplexed and dejected I was while touring rural areas at country-sides, people are devastated, heart broken and depressed because some has lost entire family members in the war at the hands of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), and I could feel the aguish of grass roots people and the changes in their life style as well as sentiment for reprisal.